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The Rock's Mom Has A 'Smackdown Room' Shrine Dedicated To Him


Most moms are proud of their kids no matter how rich and famous they become, but Dwayne Johnson’s mom takes it to the next level in the biggest fan department. The prime example: The Rock’s mom, Ata Johnson, has a shrine devoted to her son in every home she’s owned over the years. And the best part is that it’s called the “Smackdown Room,” which pays homage to his early wrestling days.The actor talked about the Smackdown Room on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week and told guest host Kerry Washington: “She has a Smackdown Room. All the guests have to go to the Smackdown Room, but she insists that I go with her, so there’s nothing more horrifying than just standing there while she’s like — Dewey is my nickname — ‘This is Dewey when he…'” You can imagine that she’s accumulated a lot to put in this shrine room over the years. He told Washington, “It’s every poster, award, any little thing, any kind of proclamation. But that’s what parents do.”Mama Rock actually has a new Smackdown Room these days, in a house he recently purchased for her. He went so far as to have the new shrine all professionally done so now it’s the fancy Smackdown Room. Clearly, she was elated and super emotional about the surprise.

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