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PM Modi: Independence Day Speech


New Delhi: On the occasion of the country’s Independence Day, Prime Minister Modi hoisted the flag at the Red Fort and addressed the nation. At that time he was using paper for notes for his speech. Prime Minister Modi usually uses a teleprompter during his keynote speeches.

He spoke for about 1 hour and 23 minutes at the 76th Independence Day ceremony at the traditional Red Fort as the Prime Minister of the country with his hand holding the flag. In it, the struggle for the liberation of the country began, and he spoke about the freedom fighters and those who participated in the development of the nation.

He also said that during the celebration of the country’s centenary independence day, the commitment of the youth is necessary to make the nation a superpower.

He also talked about 5G technology. He also mentioned about the role of Digital India. This is Prime Minister Modi’s 9th Independence Day speech at the Red Fort.In this situation, it seems that for the first time in his Independence Day speech, he avoided the teleprompter. Prime Minister Modi always uses teleprompter while delivering his speech.

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