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Country’s first online taxi service in Kerala


Thiruvananthapuram : Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan launched the first state-owned auto-taxi service in the country named ‘Kerala Savari’ in Thiruvananthapuram yesterday.

Kerala Labor Welfare Minister V. Sivangutty informed: In this scenario where the neoliberalization policy is affecting our traditional industries and workers very negatively, the Labor Department has implemented the “Kerala Savari” scheme to ensure an untapped source of income for workers engaged in motor transport.

On a pilot basis, the project is currently being implemented only in Thiruvananthapuram Municipality. Based on the results, the program will be gradually expanded to the entire state.

Many online taxi service companies operating now are deceiving the passengers by fixing the fares according to the time. But in Kerala Savari scheme the same fare is charged all the time. Thus Minister V. Shivakutty said.

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