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12 elephants survived by the train driver


Ranchi: The Shaktipunch Express train departed from Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh to Howrah in West Bengal the day before yesterday. At around 6 pm, the train passed through the dense forest area of ​​the Palamupuli Sanctuary in the state of Jharkhand.

At that time, train driver AK Vidyarthi saw elephants crossing the tracks in a herd. He acted quickly and applied the emergency brake. 12 elephants survived as the train stopped 60 meters before the elephants.

Deputy train driver Rajni Kant Chaubey said, “The incident site is not a place of speed control. It is 500 meters away and 25 km. Speed ​​control starts. However, we stopped the train immediately to save the elephants,” he said.

A tiger reserve official says, “11 km between Chipatogarh – Hegegara railway stations. The railway passes through this tiger reserve. There are about 250 elephants in this forest area. Many elephants have been killed by trains on this route in the past. Like Vidyarthi and Rajnikanth, other drivers should be very careful while passing through this area,” he said.

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