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Ultimate Kho Kho Season: Rajasthan Warriors’


One of the most popular indigenous sports in India has received fresh life thanks to the inaugural season of Ultimate Kho Kho season. Both players and coaches have embraced the new format’s glitz and glam, the league’s made-for-television aspect, and the (relatively) high salaries associated with it. Although the stage is set, not all teams have started off strong. Rajasthan Warriors, who are currently at the bottom of the standings after nine of ten rounds have been played, have only won one of their nine previous games.

When Majahar Jamadar, the team’s star player, leads the stat charts, finishing last hurts more. The 31-year-old is second in the league in both attacking points (84) and dive points (66). (till August 30).

The high point for Jamadar was offset by a number of poor points, such as giving up the most points in a single game (83 versus Telugu Yoddhas) Ultimate Kho Kho season.

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Ultimate Kho Kho season

Rajasthan needs to conduct a lot of soul-searching and evaluate its future strategy and team makeup. The team’s head coach, Narendra Kunder, believes that one basic factor—inexperience—is to blame for the dismal debut season of Ultimate Kho Kho.

“This format is brand-new. Although the majority of the players are prepared, Kunder tells Sportstar that certain players are finding the adjustments challenging because they haven’t played in this situation before (new format, public attention).

One of the modifications Kunder is referencing is the creation of a new position: Wazir (think the Bishop in chess). A Wazir is permitted to attack from both sides, unlike typical attackers who can only go in one direction. A defender’s job is made harder by the fact that the attacking team is given a “powerplay” in each inning to field two wazirs Ultimate Kho Kho season.

The twin Wazir approach is unfamiliar to my team, and this is only the first season. They have the need to immediately flee. However, defending calls for strategies like avoiding and ring game, according to Kunder.

Despite the efforts of seasoned athletes like South Asian Games gold medalist Akshay Ganpule and eight-time national medalist and Railways captain Jamadar, Rajasthan has suffered due to their inexperience in Ultimate Kho Kho season.

We haven’t yet found a good mix between new and veteran gamers, to be honest. It’s been somewhat erratic,” admits Kunder. The Kolhapur-based striker Jamadar has frequently played defense as well; his seven not-outs rank second in the league Ultimate Kho Kho season.

Even seasoned members of the team like Jamadar and others are seeing the game under lights and cameras regularly for the first time. The more experienced players are cautious about the pressure mounting on the team, especially the younger members. Jamadar advises concentrating on the fundamentals. “Play without inhibitions. No one should make you terrified, right? Take the field and play with all of your might.

Coach Kunder insists that learning is the main goal and refuses to let the defeats get in the way of that.

However, how you minimize and fix them will influence how much you learn. Do not let your shoulders droop since you still have to play. If you keep making the same mistakes, you won’t have learned anything, he says.

More practice, in Kunder’s opinion, will help his squad perform better the following Ultimate Kho Kho season.

After the league, players will train harder and comprehend concepts better. In addition to winning dream runs, they will also learn about powerplay defense against two wazirs.

Even though the results were disappointing, Kunder’s patience and faith in his team appear to be paying off for the time being. Rajasthan made valiant attempts to defeat the Mumbai Khiladis and the Odisha Juggernauts but came up just short of victories Ultimate Kho Kho season.

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One of the tournament’s most memorable events occurred on Sunday when Ganpule pulled off a four-point miracle run while playing against the Gujarat Giants, who were in second place. A defending group accomplishes a dream run when they can remain on the mat for 2:30. The defending batch gains two extra points after the first 30 additional seconds.

Ganpule, the final survivor from his group, stayed on the mat for more than three minutes. He came within seven seconds of making it a six-point dream run. Although Rajasthan lost the game 40–42, Ganpule’s efforts were sufficient to give his team its first season point. In Ultimate Kho Kho, a defeat by three points or fewer awards the losing team one point.

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