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Ultimate Kho Kho Season 1’s Top Five Attackers


An essential component of every Kho Kho side is the Attackers. An attacker is someone who taps or touches a defender from the opposing side to force them to return to the dugout. The Attacker gains points via a Pole Dive, a Running Touch, and a Sky Dive. He receives three points for a Sky Dive or a Pole Dive. He gives his team two points for a Running Touch.

Here are the Attackers from the first season of Ultimate Kho Kho who scored the most points during the attack top five Attackers.

Ramji Kashyap scored 108 points.

Ramji Kashyap, the top contestant in Ultimate Kho Kho 2022 and the standout all-around player for the Chennai Quick Guns, spoke to me about the difficulties he had en route to the glamorous event.

Kashyap hails from an extremely underprivileged background; his family’s main source of income was junk collection. He shares a house with eight members of his family. In an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, Ramji Kashyap discussed how he came to play the sport that he does so well.

In the first competition, Ramji was a formidable opponent on the mat. When he entered the player’s draught, he was never the team’s top choice, but his mobility allowed him to disprove his detractors. He had the appearance of supporting his team by himself. He was the first participant in the annals of Ultimate Kho Kho to surpass 100 points. With 108 points in 10 games, he was not only Chennai Quick Guns’ top scorer but also the best attacker in the competition’s top five Attackers.

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Majahar Jamadar received 105 points.

Majahar Jamadar has been a bright spot for Rajasthan Warriors, who have lost all three of their games so far in the first season of Ultimate Kho Kho.

Jamadar was born at Ichalkaranji, a town located in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. He has attracted a lot of attention thus far with his outstanding exploits in India’s first franchise-based league.

Along with being the league’s highest scorer with 52 points, the Kolhapur native also tops the charts for total skydives (9) and high-fives given (4). The 31-year-old attacker has eliminated rival defenders with dives to score an astounding 48 points top five Attackers.

During the three bouts, he twice received the Attacker of the Match and once the Ultimate Kho of the Match awards.

Jamadar, the captain of the Rajasthan Warriors, has given his all to the group. They have yet to record their first victory of the year, though.

Majahar’s leadership wouldn’t have garnered much attention because his side came in last, but as an attacker, he was very good. Majahar Jamadar was noted as being impossible to exclude from the game once he enters the playing area. He set a good example for his group, constantly striving to do his best. He was initially chosen as his team’s away captain, but eventually received the additional responsibilities of the full-time captain. Although his squad didn’t perform well, he was someone who was setting a high bar for himself. With 105 points in 10 games, he finished the competition as the second-best Attacker top five Attackers.

Arun Gunki – 96 points

Arun, a 23-year-old Maharashtrian who plays Kho Kho, was born and raised there. He is a talented all-around player that Telugu Yoddhas purchased for Ultime Kho Kho in season 1.

When he was 14 years old, he first had a strong interest in Kho Kho. His time being chosen for the Senior National squad is his favorite Kho Kho memory. He previously represented the Maharashtra Kho Kho team.

His Kho Kho accomplishments include gold medals from the U 17 SGFI in 2014–15, bronze from the U 19 SGFI in 2015–16, gold from the U 19 SGFI in 2016–17, gold from the U 21 2nd Khelo India Youth Games in 2018–19, gold from the U 21 3rd Khelo India Youth Games in 2019–20, and bronze from the U 17 SGFI in 2014–15 top five Attackers.

India In 2018, Inter-University won bronze in all of India. 2018–19 Inter-University Bronze in All India

Silver in Senior National and Inter-University in 2021–2022.

His father runs a produce store. Kho Kho plays a significant role in Arun’s life. Currently, he

seeking a B.A. He wants to win the event for his squad and show that he is a contender. He enjoys

football, cricket, and swimming. His favorite athlete is MS Dhoni’s top five Attackers.

In Ultimate Kho Kho, he is known as the Pole Dive specialist. When he received a Kho, he understood what was required of him. He was also swift when using his Khos. When the Defender was there during the attack, it was nearly hard for him to get away with it. In the assault, he served as Telugu Yoddhas’ underdog. He had a definite aim in mind and was always fast to act. He participated in 12 games in UKK, scoring 96 points in the attack top five Attackers.

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Patil scored 89 points.

Abhinandan is an Attacker who shifts gears quickly and is accustomed to doing so. On the mat, he never had a hesitant appearance and exuded enthusiasm. He consistently had strong performances that aided his squad in reaching the postseason. He was the Gujarat Giants team’s top chaser. He scored 89 points throughout the attack, 66 of which came from touch points, demonstrating his athleticism.

Hrushikesh Murchavade and Rohan Shingade received 83 points.

The current competition, taking place at the Indira Gandhi Following the first-ever scientific training camp, the Kho Kho Federation of India (KKFI) and Ultimate Kho Kho (UKK) implemented a player evaluation process, which is currently taking place at the Indira Gandhi Stadium.

Pahadi Bills and Jaguars secured their first victories on the second day of the Super League Kho Kho Championship, riding the strong play of Rohan Shingade and Harkirat Singh.

Following the first-ever scientific training camp, the Kho Kho Federation of India (KKFI) and Ultimate Kho Kho (UKK) is using the current competition as part of their player evaluation procedure. It is taking place in the Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium top five Attackers.

With 83 points to their names, the two attackers are tied for fifth place among the top five attackers. Rohan Shingade is the first to be discussed because he produced 25 dives for Telugu Yoddhas in the 12 matches he participated in during the first UKK Season. Sky Dives accounted for the majority of his points.

The Rajasthan Warriors’ All-Rounder, Hrushikesh Murchavade, was Majahar Jamadar’s backup in the lineup. Additionally, he displayed his acrobatic prowess, earning 39 points solely by using his deadly weapon, Sky Dives top five Attackers.

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