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Following the increase in property tax, the water tax in Chennai will also increase


Chennai: Following the increase in property tax, water tax has also been increased in Chennai. A few months ago, the Tamil Nadu government announced an increase in property tax across Tamil Nadu. Accordingly, urban local bodies are taking steps to implement the new property tax hike. Chennai Corporation has started the process of collecting new property tax in Chennai. According to this, the notice regarding the new property tax is being sent to the houses by post.

The new property tax notice will detail how much new property tax you have to pay. The property tax will be clearly reported on the basis of street value, building area, vacancy etc. This new property tax will be determined based on how much the basic street charge is in your area.

In this case, drinking water tax has also increased in Chennai. 7 percent of property tax should be paid as drinking water tax by the Chennai Municipal Corporation. That means if your property tax is Rs.100, you have to pay Rs.7 as water tax. Information related to this is being sent through SMS to those getting water connection. 30th is the last day to pay the new water tax.

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