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Nationalism’s position of confidence, not subservience…


We live in interesting times. Did you ever think you would see the day that Sinn Fein’s Alex Maskey would deliver a message of condolence to the new UK King?

Even stranger was the friendly chit-chat between King Charles and Michelle O’Neill.  To top it off, poor Sir Jeffrey got roasted in front of his new King.

Sinn Fein played a PR masterstroke yesterday that left Sir Jeff and the DUP looking like minor bit-players.

Let that sink in: take your time, maybe go for a walk or make a cup of tea.

On Gladys’ post, Toye Native commented:

Today was a Good day for the many (castle) Catholics in NI, and to strengthen their feelings with the UK,
As they seen SF give lip service to the late Queen and the hard work King Charles has done, plus a leading Catholic priest giving thanks at today’s service, Then SF standing up for the national anthem.

what you see as soft nationalist I see as soft unionist with a nationalist name

This is definitely not what I saw. I saw confident Nationalism on display not just by Sinn Fein but also by President Michael D. Higgins, Taoiseach Micheál Martin, as well as the SDLP and other politicians. I saw a spirit of generosity and outreach.

Northern Ireland has changed dramatically since Charles’ mother ascended the throne. Sinn Fein is now the largest party, and Michelle O’Neill is First Minister in waiting.

The Republic of Ireland is now in a position where it is  richer than the UK per capita, and with a higher quality of life.

The big question in all this is when will Unionism reciprocate Nationalism’s generosity and outreach?

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