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Two Dalit girls Raped in Lakhimpur Gheri


Lakhimpur Gheri: Two Dalit sisters were sexually assaulted and strangled to death in Lakhimpur Gheri, Uttar Pradesh. 6 people were arrested in this connection yesterday.

Chotu lives near the house of two sisters from Lakhimpur in Uttar Pradesh. He has introduced sisters to two youths named Sukhail and Junaid.

In this case, Sukhail and Junaid took the two sisters on their motorcycle to the nearby sugarcane plantation. Hafizul Rahman also went with them. Sukhail and Junaid sexually assaulted both the sisters. They were then strangled to death with a dupatta.

Sukhail and Junaid enlist the help of their friends Karimuddin and Arif to cover their tracks. Then the bodies of both are tied in dupatta as if hanging from a tree.

Seeing this, the villagers became enraged and blocked the road. After that the police came and sent the bodies for post-mortem. The autopsy report confirmed that both the sisters had been sexually assaulted and strangled to death.

Regarding the incident, the police said, “Both the sisters were friendly with Sukhail and Junaith. They have gone to the sugarcane plantation on a two-wheeler with Sukhail and Junaith. There they were sexually assaulted. As the sisters forced Sukhail and Junaid to marry, the two youths strangled the sisters with a dupatta. They have called their friends Karimuddin and Arif for help to cover their tracks,” they said.

The police also said, “1,000 cameras have been installed on the roads. We have investigated the case very carefully and arrested the culprits,” he said. Police have also arrested 6 people involved in this crime.

In 2014, two women were sexually assaulted and their bodies were hanged in Uttar Pradesh’s Badoon area. The Lakhimpur Gari incident is reminiscent of the Badoon incident.

Opposition parties are criticizing Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s government as the cause of this incident due to the lack of law and order in Uttar Pradesh.

The families of the murdered sisters had said that the police should take strict action against those who killed them by committing sexual violence and that they should provide appropriate compensation for the incident. The families of the murdered sisters agreed to cremate their bodies after the Uttar Pradesh authorities assured them of financial assistance from the government and strict action against the culprits.

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