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5 Ways Victor Cassadine Can Die on ‘General Hospital’ [VIDEO]


General Hospital villain Victor Cassadine is set to exit in May sweeps and here’s our top five way he might die. With Charles Shaughnessy confirming an “epic” exit for his character, will one of his enemies make him pay on the ABC soap opera?

Here’s the transcript of our GH video about five ways Victor Cassadine could go out as he exits in May sweeps! Check out all our soap spoilers podcasts here and be sure to follow us on YouTube as well.

General Hospital Spoilers: Victor Cassadine Exits in May Sweeps

Hey there GH fans. This is Soap Dirt on YouTube and we’ve got something big to talk about. We know that Victor Cassadine is leaving very soon. Charles Shaughnessy confirmed that he had wrapped his run.

And he mentioned that he got this great villain sendoff that the writers constructed for him. So we just wanna talk real quick about five ideas — five great ways we think he could go out. These would be a perfect villain sendoff on General Hospital.

#1 Victor Cassadine Taken Dowby His Pathogen Plot on General Hospital?

We talked about this in the Soap Dirt writers’ room to get everybody’s feedback on how they’d like to see Victor Cassadine go. And number one is the pathogen.

Remember the deadly pathogen that he has got in Venezuela that he is going to unleash on the world to wipe out half the population and make everything better for everybody?

And it’s the plot straight from Avengers: Infinity Wars with Thanos. It’s just ridiculous. But Liesl Obrecht mentioned when Victor brought up the pathogen that it had basically been in storage in this lab at this compound for a very long time, for decades.

And she warned him that it might be messed up or mutated. So, I think it would be very fitting if Victor was exposed to this pathogen that he was going to force on everybody else on General Hospital.

If it is mutated and outta control like she said, it could do something horrible to Victor. Even if it doesn’t kill him, maybe he’s just shipped off to some secure facility to live out his life miserably.

I mean, something with boils and sores and just all kinds of creepy stuff. Wouldn’t that be karmic? So that’s our number one idea is an expired mutated pathogen in some kind of karmic retribution situation.

#2 Trina Robinson & Spencer Cassadine Take Out Uncle Victor on GH?

Number two. I think it would be great to see Trina Robinson push Victor overboard, or for Spencer Cassadine to push Victor overboard in defense of Trina.

Right now, of course, Spencer is being held there against his will and he’s only being remotely civil because his little brother, Ace Cassadine is also there on General Hospital.

So, as of the time we wrote this (and it may change by the time you listen to it), Victor doesn’t know Trina is on board the Haunted Star. I do think she’s going to be caught soon because there are lots of henchmen in suits on that yacht.

And when Victor Cassadine does find out that she’s there, I feel very strongly that he’ll try and threaten her to leverage Spencer into good behavior. So, I would like to see tiny little Trina take a running leap at Victor and send him into the drink.

And drowning is always a good way to go out with villains because unless you get the body back, there’s always that possibility… Maybe they’ll come back like, Anna Devane’s evil sister. Alex Marick drowned in the harbor in Port Charles.

And everybody’s certain she survived cuz they didn’t find the body. Maybe Alex will come back one day. I’d love to see Trina defend her man, even though she is so teeny tiny and adorable. What do you think? Should “Sprina” kill Victor? Fun, right?

#3 Valentin Cassadine Puts Bullet in Daddy for Shooting Anna…

It’s hard to pick among the best deaths for Victor Cassadine on General Hospital. It’s like picking your favorite gummy bear flavor cuz they’re all good.

So these are all, I think, good ideas for how we could take Victor out. Number three is one I feel would be very cathartic for his son, Valentin Cassadine. Remember when Victor busted into the safe house — because Lucy Coe was stupid…

She is so rash and let herself get followed back, and that’s what got them all in trouble. Valentin handed over the necklace to his dad. He just wanted to protect Anna Devane. But Victor Cassadine punished him by shooting her.

He gut-shot her, which is a horrible, horribly painful way to die. And Victor knew she probably wouldn’t survive it. He didn’t kill her instantly, obviously. Cuz for storyline purposes they wanted her alive. But also because Vic wanted Valentin to watch her suffer.

And I think it would be so great if the son shot the father. And it would help Valentin work out some of his daddy issues if he got to put a bullet in Victor in retribution for Anna. Of course, gunshot wounds heal pretty fast on General Hospital.

But I don’t think Anna is gonna be up to shooting Vic herself. It would be great if Valentin got the chance to confront him and say, “Screw you, Dad. I’m killing you. For you shooting my woman…” BANG.

That could be fun. Valentin feels so strongly for Anna. I honestly don’t think he would hesitate to shoot his dad at this point after what he did to her. And especially if he sees him as an ongoing threat. So that was our third idea.

General Hospital Spoilers: Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy) - Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati)
GH: Victor Casadine & Liesl Obrecht | ABC

#4 Will Liesl Obrecht Shoot & Blow up Victor Like Before on ABC Soap

For number four, we come back to Liesl Obrecht. Do you remember back in the Crichton-Clarke days when Liesl told Victor that Nathan West was his biological son?

And that’s because she didn’t want Faison to know about him. So, that’s why she let Madeline Reeves adopt and raise Nathan. But Victor ran a DNA test. Then, he confronted her, and he’s like, “I know Nathan’s not my son”.

And so she shot him on General Hospital. Then, Crichton-Clarke blew up. And then Victor Cassadine was presumed dead for quite a while. I think it would be great if Liesl just did the same things again, but did it harder.

She can try harder to make sure he’s dead. She could sneak up on one of the bodyguards and slip out their gun. Then she can pop two into Victor. Next, Dr. O could get Spencer and the baby and Trina off the boat and then blow it up.

Right now, Liesl is furious at him because she is supposed to be back in Port Charles donating bone marrow to her great-niece, Willow Tait so she doesn’t die. And Liesl despises Victor.

So, for Liesl to shoot him like she did before and blow up the yacht would be great. I don’t think she would mind doing that. And wouldn’t that be a fun way to see Vic go out?

#5 Holly & Tracy Tag Team Victor Cassadine in Epic GH Beat Down?

The last idea is based on two comebacks this week on General Hospital. And that’s Emma Sams as Holly Sutton and Jane Elliot as Tracy Quartermaine. They both have some serious skin in the game when it comes to revenge on Victor Cassadine.

He kidnapped Holly’s son, Ethan Lovett, and he tried to sell him off to the highest bidder. And that’s why Holly raced to Venezuela. And then, Tracy Quartermaine is back in Port Charles.

She has got a grudge against Victor because he had Luke Spencer killed — the love of her life. There is still some debate. Is Luke dead or alive? It honestly doesn’t matter because Tony Geary made it painfully clear he does not wanna be back on GH.

Had he wanted to come back, he would be back. They’d make room for him as they do with legacy characters. Tony’s retired, he’s in Amsterdam. He is done. So it’s kind of academic whether or not Luke is alive.

But Tracy thinks he’s dead and she hates Victor for killing him, so it’d be a lot of fun if Holly and Tracy tag-teamed and gave Victor an ass-kicking — a brutal smackdown.

General Hospital: Alice Gunderson (Bergen Williams)
GH’s Alice Gunderson | ABC

Maybe Tracy got lessons from the Q maid Alice Gunderson — played by the late great Bergen Williams… She was a wrestler when she wasn’t a Quartermaine maid. Maybe she taught Tracy some moves. Wouldn’t it be great to see Tracy and Holly beat the crap out of him?

Quick Rundown of Death Scenarios for Victor on General Hospital

Let me just run back through the options real quick. First, the expired pathogen that he wants to use could backfire on Victor. Second, he could be shoved overboard by Trina or Spencer.

Third, Valentin could shoot him. Or fourth, Liesl could shoot him and then blow him up as she did before. And five, Holly and Tracy. tag team the evil Cassadine.

Charles Shaughnessy confirmed that he’s wrapped, but we fully expect it’ll be into May sweeps before he’s done on General Hospital. And it’ll just be a matter of — what is this great exit?

He said it’s a “great villain sendoff”. Personally, I’m hoping if he’s dead, he’s only “soap opera dead”. Not zip up in a bag dead like Ryan Chamberlain, who seems truly dead.

Because it’s always nice to have a Cassadine villain on ice somewhere that they can resurrect and bring back to threaten all of Port Charles at any moment. What do you think? How do you wanna see Victor go out?

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