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’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ – Debbie Aguero Meets the Parents – Recap [S04E11]


On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Debbie Aguero meets the parents. And wins them over with her quirky charm. Daniele Gates feels slighted when Yohan Geronimo doesn’t thank her in public for his birthday party. Jen Boecher‘s frenemies land in India to expose Rishi Singh.

Kris Foster seems a little too be happy to be in sweet home Alabama. And Gabriel Paboga needs to get his docs in a row. Let’s dig a little deeper in this recap of Season 4, Episode 11, “The Tongue Has No Bone, but It Cuts Deep.”

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way – Debbie Aguero Turns on the Charm

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, it’s time for everyone’s favorite fan-wielding golden girl, Debbie Aguero to meet the parents. Decked out in hot pink and a giant crystal necklace, she looks like a real-life boomer edition Barbie.

Debbie is concerned, however, because of the age difference. Oussama smooth talks that it’s not about age it’s about the heart, blah blah blah. But admits they don’t know Debbie is staying in Morocco for keeps.

This doesn’t sit well with Debbie Aguero of course. She worries how they will feel about the situation. And now this. He admits that his mom is shy and probably won’t say much.

Fortunately for Debbie, the family Oussama couldn’t be more welcoming. There’s a spread of snacks and drinks. And dad is a charmer himself who coughs up his age (68) and admits age is just a number and if O is happy he’s happy.

So with another hurdle cleared for this 90 Day Fiance couple, everyone can relax. At least for a minute. Debbie Aguero loves that dad is a tad bit older than her.

She still has to break the news that she’s there to stay. Since Oussama decided writing poetry was more of a priority. Of course scenes from next week tell a different story. With Oussama suggesting she get him a visa and they go to America.

90 Day Fiance: Daniele Gates Gets Dissed

Daniele Gates wants to play kick the coconut. Apparently kicking around the hairy fruit brings peace. At first Yohan Geronimo thinks his wife has lost what’s left of her mind. But he too engages in the activity. That ends with her busting it on the floor.

Daniele has something on her mind. She’s planned a surprise party for Yohan and invited all his family. A trip to a bakery finds her frustrated as the baker says all the cake artists have departed for the day.

Daniele begs to be able to do the writing on the cake herself on 90 Day Fiance. The bake shop employee resists at first. But allows her to do it — probably so she will take her whiny voice and leave.

She doesn’t do a bad job and he says he could offer her a job. She probably should take it, but you know the manifesting will take care of everything. So, it’s off to pick up Yohan to escort him to his party.

Yohan Geronimo loves the surprise. He gets up to give a speech and thanks everyone but Daniele. When someone suggests he left her out, he doesn’t care. Daniele storms out after the diss. He follows and lets her know that she already ruined his birthday.

By wanting to link up with her ex while he’s in town. Daniele Gates sobs and speaks dramatic Spanish. But he’s not fazed. He tells her where the keys are so she can leave. So much for the coconut theory.

Rishi Singh Was Just Pulling Legs with Shirtless Pic

Look out India, the mean girls have arrived on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. Jen Boecher’s frenemies have traveled far to expose Rishi Singh as a player.

Randi especially has a bone to pick with why he sent that shirtless pic and alluded to meeting up. She doesn’t waste a minute reminding Jen about what happened. They pretend to like Jen’s place while smirking behind her back and mocking her shower situation.

Over drinks in cutesy mason jars with draws they don’t hold back. Especially when Jen admits there’s no intimacy with her and Rishi because she’s holding out for marriage. Things get even worse at lunch the next day.

Rishi Singh is grilled more than the naan bread about the flirting. He says it was all a joke. And that he forwards the towel pic to all his fans. But blocks them if they get too flirty. And he does show Jen a few fans he’s blocked for similar flirtations.

So, lunch gets a little less tense. Until the gals want to know why his parents are still playing matchmaker. He says it was only one time but there were two women they found as a possible match.

Later, he slips that it might have been 3. So, Jen Boecher walks off humiliated. It makes for some awkward talk around the table.

TLC Couple Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera Break Down

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera shared wedding vows in Colombia. The lovely ceremony was live streamed to family and friends back in America.

The couple even started plans to buy a food truck together. But Kris put it all on hold to head back to Alabama. Blaming bank account problems and a lack of narcolepsy meds. So, 2 weeks has now turned into 3 months.

Kris dials up Jeymi on video chat and tells her she looks pretty. But Jeymi wants to know why she doesn’t answer her calls. And claims it’s their first face time in a month.

Kris Foster gets defensive and says since Jeymi quit her job, she has to earn all the money. And spends her days painting houses and getting power washing gigs.

Leaving her no time for chit chat with her new wife. Jeymi Noguera doubts her love and Kris stomps off leaving her hanging on the screen.

The Other Way: Gabriel Paboga Heads Home to Fix Things

Gabriel Paboga is thrilled that Isabel Posada said yes to his pottery themed proposal. And even more so that her family has given them their blessing with everything out in the open.

The pair head to a lawyer to fast track their nuptials. But things come to a halt when Gabe reveals his birth certificate still reads female. Turns out it’s not really an easy fix. Since his documents were lost when he applied for his passport.

Isabel isn’t happy with Gabe’s carelessness on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. So now he has to return to the states to get his docs in a row. It’s a tearful goodbye.

And Isabel Posada is insecure because he has yet to even tell his family of the engagement. She fears after all this the time and distance could tear them apart. Let’s hope Gabriel Paboga can get things up to date before it’s too late! Till next time!

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