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A Decentralized Wallet For Using Metamask


PARIS, FRANCE, April 18, 2023/ — Since the last update, Tezro is now compatible with Dex Wallet, a mobile wallet for decentralized finance.

Dex Wallet is compatible with MetaMask, meaning users can import their MetaMask account into Dex Wallet.

And now you can include your Dex Wallet that into Tezro. Tezro is a reliable app designed to help businesses and individuals, Tezro allows the users to store their digital currencies.

Enables free flow of information through convenient integration of multiple chat applications.

Tezro main characteristics include:

• Crypto Wallet – Keep crypto assets completely protected and stored in this app wallet.

• TEXT MESSAGE SYSTEM – Send and receive fully encrypted text messages

• TEZRO Exchange – Allows users to trade their digital assets, including more than 1000 cryptocurrencies.

• TEZRO Gift – Allows users to offer digital gifts to loved ones.

• Buy Goods in Tezro – Buy electronics, clothes, art, and jewelry from celebrity collections, and shoes from the best brands.

• Tezro Loan Service – Users are able to purchase items on credit from any of Tezro’s partners and pay for them in the currency of their choice.

Supported cryptocurrencies include:

• Bitcoin (BTC)

• Ethereum (ETH)





Users can also use fiat currencies, such as Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD) or Chinese Yuan (CNY).

Tezro also has launched a shopping token that users can acquire at the rate of 1 USTC token.

All the users need to do is download the app and find the icon of TezroST.

If users have any USTC tokens, they can exchange them for the shopping token TezroST, which can be used to pay for goods and services in online stores using API Tezro Swift.

Download Tezro app here, available for Android and iOS.

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