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Allison Holker Losing Over $600k In Royalties From DJ tWitch


Allison Holker is asking the courts to allow her access to tWitch’s royalties as the dancer passed away without a will.

Allison Holker Back In Court

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The widow of Stephen’ tWitch’ Boss is petitioning the courts to allow her to receive the royalties from Stephen Boss Productions. According to the court docs obtained by The Blast, Boss owned 100% of his company, therefore, acquired 100% of the royalties.

Holker wants this money to come to her as she is the surviving legal spouse with children with tWitch. Specifically, the “petitioner is seeking to have all shares of stock passed and confirmed under the petition.”

tWitch also had an investment account with Goldman Sachs Investments, and Holker seeks to gain right over that. So far, the compensation coming to Holker is $600,000 from Boss’ production company and another $26, 924.19 from the dancer’s Goldman Sachs investment account.

tWitch Had No Will

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Soon after the dancer committed suicide, it was revealed that he didn’t leave a will behind even though he had been with Holker for nine years and the two raised three kids together. The 40-year-old left the house one day without warning.

His body was later discovered in a motel near his family home; he had committed suicide. Holker was forced to file a spousal property petition, asking in the court order that “property passing to the surviving spouse or surviving registered domestic partner without administration.”

tWitch was said to be in no mental distress, according to those around him and some of the motel staff. He had “one small bag,” and the room was booked for one night. Everything seemed to line up usually.

Holker also had to ask for “confirmation of property belonging to the surviving spouse,” an untraditional move for a surviving legal spouse.

Allison Holker’s Heartbreaking Statement

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Holker managed to muster up the courage to release a statement about the passing of her husband and best friend.”

“To my husband, best friend, babe, Chee-chalker, Superman, and father of my children, I LOVE YOU FOREVER and ALWAYS! We will forever remember you as the true beacon of light that you were, and we will continue to cast your light and love throughout the world. Thank you for our incredible memories and our beautiful life shared.”

She shared an adorable video of the couple’s memories over the years. The emotional video features their kids and their favorite thing; dancing!

Since her husband’s passing, Holker has been taking things easy and spending a lot of time with the kids. Her IG account is a lot of family time and healing. Her court battle forges ahead, and she is now waiting to hear the results of what will hopefully be no drama and not dragged out for a long time.

She continues to receive words of encouragement from her followers and friends. “You’re doing AMAZING!!! You are strong and continuing for your children with grace and courage. They are beyond lucky to have you. Sending you so much love!”

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