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Amy Roloff Fans Roast Chris Marek for Major Change in Appearance


Even as Little People, Big World fans beg Amy Roloff for good news, she continues to live her life.

She and her husband, Chris Marek, have at times been polarizing with viewers. Sometimes, that spills over onto social media.

Recently, Amy shared a couples selfie.

Fans could not stop talking about one jarring difference in Chris’ appearance.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek in Hawaii
Not shabby, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek. The newlyweds are in Hawaii here for their honeymoon.

“It was a colder motorcycle ride yesterday than we thought to the beach… but still a beautiful ride,” Amy Roloff wrote alongside a selfie, below.

In that same Instagram Story post, she shared that they “Got home and turned on the ‘fireplace.’”

Amy declared that she enjoyed her “Perfect ending with Chris.” How sweet!

On her Story, Amy Roloff shared this selfie featuring her husband, Chris Marek. Clearly, it was cold. (Image Credit: Instagram)

In the photo, Chris looks … different. And we will talk about why he looks so different in just a bit.

Simply put, it looks like his neck is missing. And, in the image, his torso appears broader than it ever has before.

Naturally, some of Amy’s followers spread the pic around on social media, and people had some thoughts.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are Camping
Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are out and about here, enjoying each other’s company on a camping trip.

“Poor Chris’s neck has disappeared lol,” one redditor observed.

“Chris is looking like ‘Big Ed’ in this pic,” another commented, likening Chris to a despicable 90 Day Fiance villain. (We will explain)

Another replied with glee, writing “B–ch! I was just about to ask where his neck went.”

Before, during, and after the Tell All special, Big Ed Brown did not do himself any favors.

“Big Ed” refers to Ed Brown, a 90 Day Fiance villain who has appeared on multiple seasons and multiple spinoffs of the franchise.

He calls himself “Big Ed” at times, seemingly to distract attention from his height. Though he has lied in the past about this, he is 4 feet, 11 inches tall.

Ed has a disability, which has resulted in an inability to turn his head and an appearance of having “no neck.” It is unfortunate that he receives so much ableist attention. People would do better to focus on the content of his character — which is pure garbage.

The notorious 90 Day Fiance villain Big Ed Brown is in full clown mode as he struts down the aisle of a convenience store. (Image Credit: Instagram)

We did promise to delve into Amy’s photo, and we will. The actual explanation for Chris’ different look was in the caption itself.

It was cold on that Oregon beach. This is the Pacific Northwest, along the coast, in early spring. Of course it was cold.

So Chris’ jacket had spread out a little in the wind. Meanwhile, as people who feel cold sometimes do, he had hunched his shoulders to preserve the warmth in his neck. You’ll look silly while doing it, but hey, it works!

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