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An Alternative Approach by Donald R. Lyman


Medical Journalist’s Book on the Revolutions of the Current US Medical Industry to be Featured in the LA Times Festival of Books

“Science has been the tool whereby people have gained increasing control over their lives, which is viewed by most as being coincidental with improvement and progress.”

— Donald R. Lyman

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ — Donald R. Lyman’s Triple Life Threat: An Alternative Approach explores the current revolutionary and controversial changes happening in the US medical industry. The book will appear in the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books slated for April 23-24 at the University of Southern California as part of Bookmarc Alliance’s book exhibit.

The US medical industry is undergoing a revolutionary and controversial phase, with new discoveries such as DNA telomeres, telomerase activators, and stem cell therapy. These innovations will significantly alter conventional medical procedures and lead to drastic changes unknown to the general public. In the book by Donald R. Lyman, readers can explore the controversies surrounding these changes, including statements that some consider irresponsible

or untrue, such as the claim that type 2 diabetes can be easily prevented, controlled, and reversed. The book provides insights into the causes of Alzheimer’s and the need for nutritional supplements, challenging common beliefs in the medical community.

Donald R. Lyman, an investigative medical journalist and author of numerous chronic diseases and antiaging articles, subscribes to recommendations from a dozen nationally known doctors and maintains a reference library of three hundred books, magazines, newspapers, and online resources. Lyman advocates for integrative medicine and specializes in research supporting senior citizens, a population of around sixty million.

Interested readers may purchase their copy of this informative book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online bookstores.

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2023 LA Times Festival of Books | Author Virtual Interview | Triple Life Threat: An Alternative Approach by Donald R. Lyman

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