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Ana de Armas Says This Comedy Series Helped Her Learn English


Ana de Armas recently talked about her struggles as a non-native English speaker. While hosting “Saturday Night Live,” the actress learned English from watching the popular comedy series “Friends.”

The 34-year-old also reflected on her journey in Hollywood, saying she has been “fortunate to work with wonderful actors.” She is now preparing for the premiere of her latest film, “Ghosted.”

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Ana de Armas Reveals Her Unlikely English Tutor

de Armas brought her Cuban heritage to the forefront during her hosting debut on “Saturday Night Live.” Stepping onto the stage, the “Blonde” actress greeted the audience with a warm “Gracias, gracias,” expressing her gratitude in Spanish.

She added, per Variety, “He tenido un año increíble y estoy muy feliz de estar aquí presentando el programa de esta noche.” (“Thank you, thank you; I’ve had an incredible year, and I’m very happy to be here hosting the show tonight.”)

On stage, de Armas shared her journey of coming to the United States and learning the English language. “I speak English,” she said, “But I didn’t when I first got to the U.S. I was born in Cuba. I came to America when I was 26, and I learned English the way everyone who comes to this country does: by watching ‘Friends.’”

Getting into character, de Armas impersonated Chandler Bing, a beloved character from the iconic sitcom. “Who would have thought Chandler Bing would be the best English tutor?” she quipped. “Look at me now; could I be better at English?”

Ana de Armas Says She Has Been Fortunate To Work With ‘Wonderful Actors’

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During her speech, de Armas talked about overcoming challenges as a non-native English speaker in America. Sharing an experience from her early acting days, the Academy Award nominee recalled an acting class that focused on auditions and included the phrase, “I beg your pardon.” However, unfamiliar with the words, De Armas thought the character was “literally begging.”

de Armas also gave a shoutout to actor Robert De Niro, whom she had the opportunity to work with on her first U.S. film, “Hands of Stone.” She fondly recalled how De Niro visited her father while on a trip to Cuba, describing it as a kind gesture that meant a lot to her and her family.

The budding movie star also expressed gratitude for her opportunities to work with talented actors, saying, “I have been so fortunate to work with so many wonderful actors.” She added, “My dad was so proud of me and would be proud to see me today standing on this stage. I feel fortunate to be here.”

Ana de Armas’ Latest Project ‘Ghosted’ 

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The “Knives Out” actress is gearing up for the premiere of her latest project, “Ghosted,” an Apple TV+ film co-starring Chris Evans. The highly anticipated film is set to debut on April 21st, and fans are excited to see de Armas and Evans team up on the screen.

In addition to “Ghosted,” de Armas has also recently wrapped filming for “Ballerina,” a spin-off of the famous “John Wick” movies, where she stars alongside Keanu Reeves and the late Lance Reddick.

Meanwhile, Karol G, the talented Colombian singer-songwriter, debuted on “Saturday Night Live” as the musical guest of the evening. Karol G has been making waves in the music industry with several chart-topping hits and won the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2018.

‘Saturday Night Live 

The latest episode of “Saturday Night Live,” aired on April 15th, kicked off with a hilarious sketch featuring the show’s cast members Heidi Gardner and Bowen Yang as co-news anchors Dana and Jace, who are reporting live from Central Park in New York City. As the temperature soared to 90 degrees, the duo interviewed a quirky and diverse group of typical park-goers dressed in questionable attire for the weather.

The talented cast of “Saturday Night Live” includes fan favorites such as Kenan Thompson, Ego Nwodim, Mikey Day, Heidi Gardner, Bowen Yang, Chloe Fineman, Punkie Johnson, and Andrew Dismukes, renowned for side-splitting performances. 

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