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Are Kris & Jeymi of ’90 Day Fiance’ Still Together?


90 Day Fiance stars Jeymi Noguera and Kris Foster hardly had a moment to enjoy being newlyweds before the American was on a plane headed back home to “handle some financial matters” and “refill her Narcolepsy medication”.

The couple headed to the airport just after their food truck wedding and had a heart-wrenching goodbye. The most recent episode of The Other Way had everyone wondering if Ms. Foster would ever be coming back to Colombia.

Kris Foster Left Colombia on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Kris Foster and Jeymi Noguera have spent more time apart in their relationship than together and that time apart has been quite tumultuous. There has been infidelity between both parties. They have broken up several times and Kris even disappeared.

This time, she promised when she left that she would be back in “two weeks”. Jeymi then tells us in her 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way confessional that she left without a return ticket. Kris once again revealed what fans see as her squirrely nature and secretive side.

90 Day Fiance
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Sadly, Jeymi is correct in her suspicions about her wife. Fast forward and it has been three months since her partner left. To further her lack of transparency, we see that she hasn’t even received a single FaceTime call from her wife.

This blatant disregard for her marriage is alarming and has fans wondering — is there another woman again. So, is this couple still together or did Jeymi’s wife ditch her for good?

Jeymi Noguera’s Wife Still in the US?

We find out that Kris Foster now has had even more medical issues when she got back to America. This would make sense since she seemed to have so many surprise ailments come up in Colombia on 90 Day Fiance.

Furthermore, she is experiencing financial problems as well. She tells Jeymi Noguera that she must stay in Alabama and work. She doesn’t know for how long, just that these odd jobs like mowing lawns are the sole way she can make money for the time being.

The only job she has talked about publicly since now is her job as a parking lot attendant for the University of Alabama during college football season. But are these physical jobs questionable for someone like her with so many health problems?

“It kills me because I don’t think you realize just how bad this is for me,” she explains. “I don’t enjoy this at all. I want to be there just as much as you want me there. But I’m having to work here because I can work here.”

Jeymi is of course devastated by this news. She has previous trust issues with her wife. So, will this be the end of the couple from the 90 Day Fiance spinoff?

Are Kris & Jeymi from 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

As one of the first same-sex couples on this franchise, Kris and Jeymi Noguera have been one couple that many have been rooting for since the beginning. They faced an early roadblock when they even had to postpone their wedding.

That was because the antique motorcycle that Kris Foster’s grandfather gave to her was stolen. And she had to go back to the US for court.

She did come back that time — which was promising. Also, Kris was going to sell it to pay for her and Jeymi’s wedding even though it was her prized possession. So, it seems there is love there. But can they find it again?

I guess we will have to wait and see! For now, it seems like they might still be together. Recently, Jeymi posted their wedding photos on her Facebook channel and was gushing over her wife.

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