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Asset Infinity Aims to Help 1000+ Large Scale Operations Manage Their Assets Using RFID Technology in 2023


UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ — Asset Infinity, a leading provider of asset management solutions, has announced its goal to help more than 1000 large-scale operations manage their assets using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in 2023. The company is committed to revolutionizing the asset management industry with the latest technology and has already demonstrated success in various sectors such as energy, automobile, and warehousing space.

Asset Infinity is a pioneer in the asset management space and has successfully implemented RFID technology in various industries. The company’s RFID solution offers an efficient way to manage assets, reduce costs, and improve overall operational efficiency. The solution uses RFID tags to track and manage assets, enabling companies to know the real-time location and status of their assets.

One of the key ways that Asset Infinity’s RFID solution is revolutionizing the asset management space is through the use of fixed reader and handheld technology. RFID fixed readers can be placed at strategic locations, such as entrances and exits, to automatically track assets as they move in and out of a facility. This not only provides real-time visibility into asset location but also helps to prevent theft or loss of assets.

Additionally, RFID readers offer a portable and efficient way to track assets on-the-go. These devices can be used to quickly scan RFID tags on assets and update their location or status in real-time. This can significantly reduce the time and effort required for manual asset tracking and management.

Asset Infinity’s solution also offers several other features that make it a comprehensive asset management solution. These features include:

· Asset Tracking and Management: The solution enables users to track and manage all their assets, including equipment, tools, vehicles, and more. Users can view asset location, status, maintenance schedules, and other important information from a centralized dashboard.

· Maintenance Management: The solution offers preventive maintenance scheduling and tracking, enabling users to stay on top of maintenance tasks and avoid costly equipment downtime.

· Customizable Reports: Asset Infinity’s solution offers customizable reports, providing users with real-time insights into asset performance, utilization, and other key metrics. This helps users make data-driven decisions and improve overall asset management.

· Integration with Third-Party Systems: The solution integrates with third-party systems, including ERP, CMMS, and other asset management software, enabling users to streamline their workflows and improve operational efficiency.

The company has successfully completed several implementations of the RFID solution, providing improved asset tracking and management to its clients. Asset Infinity’s RFID solution has already proven to be successful in the energy, automobile, and warehousing space, with several clients reporting increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Asset Infinity’s RFID solution offers a global scope, allowing large-scale operations to manage their assets from anywhere in the world. The solution is designed to be scalable, making it suitable for businesses of any size.

Speaking about the company’s goal, Chetan Chopra, CEO of Asset Infinity, said, “Our goal is to help more than 1000 large-scale operations manage their assets using RFID technology in 2023. We believe that our comprehensive asset management solution, along with the use of fixed reader and handheld technology, will transform the asset management industry and provide companies with the tools they need to manage their assets efficiently.”

Asset Infinity’s solution offers several benefits, including reduced costs, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced asset tracking and management through the use of fixed reader and handheld technology. The company’s commitment to providing the latest technology and exceptional service has made it a leader in the asset management space.

For more information on Asset Infinity’s RFID solution and its goal to help more than 1000 large-scale operations manage their assets using RFID technology in 2023, visit our website.

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