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Award-Winning Romance Novel by Chester County Writer with Parkinson’s Features a Protagonist with PD


he The Tea Drinker's Guide to Adventure, a contemporary romance, is available on Amazon.

The Tea Drinker’s Guide to Adventure, a contemporary romance, is available on Amazon.

Three women go on the RV road trip adventure of a lifetime in this contemporary romance, finding an unexpected second chance at love, friendship, and community.

WEST CHESTER, PA, USA, April 18, 2023/ — Local author Andrée Jannette’s first novel, The Tea Drinker’s Guide to Adventure, includes a woman facing the reality of Parkinson’s. Ms. Jannette, who herself has Parkinson’s, wanted to create a character facing the challenges of PD while at the same time striving to live life to the fullest.

The Tea Drinker’s Guide to Adventure tells the story of three women in their sixties as they set out on a road trip to fulfill a dying friend’s last wish. Their mission is to spread their friend’s ashes over Georgia O’Keefe’s Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. But when an injured dog runs in front of their RV on a dark desert night, it sends them on a path that none of them could foresee. The women experience unexpected dangers, interpersonal conflicts, and life-changing adventures. They even rescue a dog or two along the way.

The Tea Drinker’s Guide to Adventure has already won several awards including the CLC Book Excellence Award, two 5-Star Reviews from Readers’ Favorite, and a Silver Book Award from Literary Titan.

“Consistently entertaining, boasting memorable dialogue and characters, plus loads of heart, wonderfully described dogs, and a reminder that life is to be lived. ‘Just because I have Parkinson’s and am in my sixties doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good-looking man,’ Betsy declares early on, setting a tone that Jannette keeps going until the satisfying final pages.”-BookLife-

“I love the way the author has adeptly blended the sad with the uplifting, resulting in a realistic take on life. What the women didn’t know when they met in the book club was that the strangers were about to become family. What we learn from this inspiring read is that we are never too old to make new friends and go on adventures!…Very highly recommended.” -Chick Lit Café-

The Tea Drinker’s Guide to Adventure is available on Amazon, The book’s video trailer is available on YouTube,

Andrée Jannette served for three years on the Parkinson’s Foundation’s People with Parkinson’s Advisory Council (PPAC). She is currently working on her next book, Adventure on Mouse Island.

Andrée Jannette
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