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Beyoncé Under Fire Over Chloe Bailey’s Debut Album’s Poor Sales


During a conversation with his “The Breakfast Club” co-host Charlamagne Tha God and guest host Aida Rodriguez, DJ Envy revealed that he partly blames Beyoncé for Chloe Bailey‘s album’s poor sales.

The radio personality agreed with social media users who accused Beyoncé of not promoting Bailey’s album on her page. Bailey also responded to critics, urging fans to support her debut album.

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‘What Was The Point Of Beyoncé Signing Chloe?’


DJ Envy, Known for his outspoken opinions, recently placed blame on Beyoncé for the underwhelming sales of Chloe Bailey’s debut album, “In Pieces.”

Bailey, who is signed to Beyoncé’s renowned Parkwood Entertainment, released her album on March 31 to much excitement from her fans. However, its performance fell short of expectations, selling only 10,000 units in its first week and debuting at a modest No. 119 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Fans took to Twitter to express their opinion. One user asked, “Not to be funny, but I really wanna know what was the point of Beyoncé signing Chloe?.” They continued, “Like, was it for a look? So that someone can be under her? I don’t get it, ’cause how do you let your artist drop an album & you don’t support it not once & now she sold 10k.”

Another user wrote, “Beyoncé nasty for not promoting Chloe’s album; a simple IG repost would’ve probably gave Chloe a top 50 debut. Mind you, if this were Nicki’s artist, they would’ve dragged her to hell and back.”

DJ Envy Blames Beyoncé For Chloe Bailey’s Low Album Sales

Chloe Bailey at 2021 MTV VMAs

Responding to social media comments, Envy expressed his view with his fellow “The Breakfast Club” host Charlamagne Tha God and guest host Aida Rodriguez.

The radio personality agreed with critics who blamed Beyoncé for the album’s lackluster performance, saying, “I do feel if you’re signed to somebody’s record label, or you are in business with somebody, right, that’s part of what you expect.”

Envy continued, per Insider, “I’m signing to you because I’m hoping I’m going to get a Beyoncé verse. I’m signing to you because I’m hoping that I’m going to get some of your fans. I’m signing to you so I can get some of your knowledge and wisdom and your promo.”

Charlamagne That God Says ‘Beyoncé Isn’t Obligated To Post’ 


However, Charlamagne and Rodriguez held opposing views, stating it was unfair to blame Beyoncé. Coming to the Queen Bee’s defense, Charlamagne said, “I think Beyoncé should post because that’s her artist, but Beyoncé isn’t obligated to post.” Calling out the hypocrisy, he added, “Also, Beyoncé used to post Ivy Park all the time and y’all didn’t buy that.” 

He then concluded by urging people to support the album, saying, “If Beyoncé’s post is gonna make y’all buy the album, great, but the reality is, if you didn’t know Chloe’s album is out, you know now, so go buy her album.”

Rodriguez also fired back at critics, stating that “the people who are saying that Beyoncé should post… I would like for them to show proof that they bought the album. Are you in that 10,000?”

Chloe Bailey Asks Fans To Support Her Debut Album

Chloe Bailey at BET Awards 2022

Bailey also addressed the disappointing commercial performance of her debut album during the opening night of her tour, “In Pieces,” in Chicago.

In an emotional moment, the “Have Mercy” singer spoke directly to the crowd and said: “Make sure y’all are supporting the motherf**kin’ album.”

Not mincing her words, she continued: “F**k what the f**k everybody gotta f**king say, they can kiss my Black a**. Because I know you guys love me and this is all I need,” she added. “Thank you for loving me, thank you for being here, thank you for your energy.”

Druski, the comedian who co-stars with Bailey in the Peacock movie “Praise This,” didn’t hold back when defending Bailey’s album sales in a recent interview with TMZ. “F**k ’em,” Druski said. “She got better album sales than me. Sh*t, I’m on iTunes too, it’s better than mine,” he added.

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