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‘Bold and the Beautiful’: Katie Tongue-Tied as Bill Crushes Carter with Tale of a Kiss


Bold and the Beautiful won’t let Bill Spencer ignore that kiss Katie Logan planted on him, and he makes sure Carter Walton knows about it next week on the CBS soap.

It looks like Bill puts Katie on the spot when he comes to plead his case despite Carter being right there. This publishing tycoon would mow over anyone who stands in his way. This time it looks like that’s Carter on B&B next week.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Carter Walton Shocked by Bill Spencer’s Tale

Katie Logan (Heather Tom) planted that kiss on Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) when no one else was in the room. It looked like a moment of pure unadulterated passion. A kiss like that is usually followed by the participants ripping each other’s clothes off.

Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer (Don Diamont)
Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer | CBS

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) soon finds out about Katie’s slip. Since it happened in the foyer of the Forrester estate, the kiss couldn’t go any further. So, if they had been alone in a house somewhere, who knows where Katie Logan’s passion would have led her?

But that’s exactly what Bill wants to know when he confronts Katie with Carter by her side next week on Bold and the Beautiful. It appears that Carter Walton soon gets a sense of where this is going for his new love and her ex.

B&B Spoilers: Carter Confronts Katie Logan

Bill Spencer makes it clear on Bold and the Beautiful this week that he’s not giving up on Katie Logan. That kiss offered new hope that she isn’t totally out of his reach yet.

When Bill makes his plea for Katie to return to him, B&B spoilers suggest she becomes tongue-tied. But that’s not the only time she experiences having the rug pulled out from under her this week.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Carter Walton (Lawrence Saint-Victor) - Katie Logan (Heather Tom)
B&B Spoilers: Carter Walton – Katie Logan | CBS

It seems Carter puts her on the spot as well. Although he knows that Katie loves Bill, he also knows that he’s been an awful influence in her life.

Carter probably wants to know if Katie is thinking about returning to Bill. But he likely first reminds her about the heartache her ex caused her because he loves her sister.

So, once she’s reminded of the pain of being second best, it looks as if she’s back on track with Carter, but is she really?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Bill Wants Katie Back – Nothing Can Stop Him?

Carter Walton is well aware of the pain of losing someone he loves. This makes the second time he fell in love as he acted like a friend. Twice now his love affairs started by listening to a co-worker’s woe about the men they love.

The first, Quinn Fuller (Rena Sofer), ended in heartache on Bold and the Beautiful a while back. Now after lending his ear and shoulder to Katie Logan, he fell in love again. But it looks as if she could be on her way out of his life if Bill Spencer has his way.

Until then, Bill is likely going to make life miserable for Carter as long as he’s with Katie. So, she has a choice. Before the youngest Logan sister follows her heart, she may need to remember where that led her in the past with her ex.

So, this week on B&B, Katie Logan becomes too stunned for words as Bill Spencer takes charge of the conversation, and mows over Carter Walton on the CBS soap.

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