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Brooklyn Beckham Pokes Fun At His Numerous Career Changes


Brooklyn Beckham would have given soccer players a run for their money. Sadly, he left that path years ago!

The 24-year-old has become known for dabbling in several careers. Soccer? Check. Photography? Check. Modeling? Check. Chef? Check. Quite frankly, there are only a few career paths he hasn’t tried. 

Brooklyn recently reminisced on one of his first careers — a professional soccer player, prompting fans to speculate on his paths. 

Brooklyn Beckham Pokes Fun At His Numerous Career Changes

Brooklyn Beckham at the Variety 2022 Power Of Young Hollywood Celebration

The eldest son of former soccer star David Beckham and fashion icon Victoria Beckham reminded his fans of one of his first careers. He posted an old video on Instagram that showed him on the pitch with his teammates having a practice game. A teammate passed the ball to Brooklyn, and he took a shot at the goalpost. 

“Don’t worry not a career change 🤣,” the former model teased in the caption. Of course, the old footage caused fans to react! David Beckham led the comments, cheering his son. He wrote, “Hahaha goooooaaaaaaalllllllll ⚽️ 🔥 @brooklynbeckham.” However, soon after the pile-on began.

One of Brooklyn’s followers sarcastically asked, “You have a career???,” and another remarked, “Bro, you’ve never had a career.” A curious fan also asked the former model his “current career path.”

Some others took to advising the young Beckham. An individual suggested, “You have good foot, why don’t you go for trials if you can score from that distance.” Another person gave their opinion, writing, “You say a career change as if you already have an established career.”

More comments about the youngster’s job rolled in. “You don’t have a career never have. Professional husband maybe,” a follower bluntly stated, while another critic added, “Change on career, you need to get one first, it’s called a job.”

Regardless of the negative comments, some other fans supported the star. An individual penned “Caption title is jokes, you’re a top lad. Chef/entrepreneur title proper suits you. Keep at it. Haters will hate. You do you and most of all, be happy! Cheers! 👌” Another chimed in, “I want to see you dabble in everything your heart desires.”

In case you don’t know, the husband of heiress Nicola Peltz is currently dabbling in cooking and has been regarded as a rising chef for a while now. However, in a shocking move, he rebuked the title of chef recently.

The 24-year-old had a Q&A segment via his Instagram stories. A particular individual asked if he was a chef, and the British native replied, “Nope x but food is my passion.” He shared the shocking revelation alongside a snap of his hand covering his face.

This candid admission comes after his cooking career received several criticisms from fans who pointed out that his skills are whack. On time, the eldest Beckham son made a video where he made beef roast, and several of his viewers gave their opinions about his recipe. 

One viewer pointedly wrote, “A good vet could bring that back to life.” Another observer opined that the meal was undercooked and that Brooklyn “might as well bite the cow while it’s grazing.”

Brooklyn Beckham’s Cooking Career Has His Mom, Victoria Beckham, Worried 

While the food enthusiast has received the heat over his chef abilities, his mom, Victoria, can’t bear to see him receive the heat. Reportedly, the former Spice Girls member wants her boy to change his career or get more training as a chef.

An insider close to the Beckham family disclosed how the fashion designer feels about her son’s scrutiny. The insider said, “Vic’s convinced it’s going to wear him down if he doesn’t try something else or at least get a little more training in before he fully commits to this career path.”

The source continued, “She’s all for giving something a go even if you might not be that qualified and critics are out to get you, but it’s harder for Vic to stomach when it’s her own son.”

The informant further revealed that the fashion icon has experienced how difficult it can be when one comes under public scrutiny. According to the insider, Victoria “know better than anyone how cruel people can be when you’re in the public eye.”

However, Brooklyn made it known that he was not quitting. The source explained, “Vic has told Brooklyn it’s never too late to try something else career-wise if he is fed up with being made fun of, but he’s told her he’s not a quitter and is determined to make a name for himself and not be a laughing stock.”

The source concluded the conversation by highlighting the fashion icon’s love for her son. “Ultimately, she’ll do anything to protect him, even if it does make her feel very emotional.”

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