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Christian Homesteading Launches New Website to Connect and Empower Self-Sufficient Christians


Homesteading Guide

Homesteading Guide

Christian Homesteading, a community of Christians dedicated to homesteading and self-sufficiency, has announced the launch of its new website.

JUPITER, FL, USA, April 18, 2023/ — Christian Homesteading is thrilled to announce the unveiling of their new website, This platform is dedicated to building a community of Christians who embrace the principles of homesteading and self-sufficiency.

Founder of, Patrick Merrit, said, “We are excited to offer a platform that not only provides practical resources for homesteading and sustainable living but also emphasizes the importance of living in harmony with God’s creation. We believe that this way of life is not only good for the environment, but also for our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.”

To celebrate the launch, is offering a free e-book, “The Christian Homesteader’s Handbook,” to new subscribers. The e-book is a comprehensive guide to starting a homestead and living sustainably from a Christian perspective.

Homesteading involves leading a simple, sustainable lifestyle by growing your own food, raising animals, and acquiring traditional skills. This way of life entails living in harmony with the land and utilizing the resources God has given us while being responsible stewards of the earth.

The website is an excellent resource for Christians interested in homesteading and self-sufficient living. It offers a platform where individuals can connect with like-minded people, share their homesteading journey, and learn from seasoned homesteaders. offers a vast array of information on topics such as gardening, animal husbandry, food preservation, natural remedies, and much more. They also provide a forum where visitors can ask questions, share their experiences, and receive advice from other members of the community.

In addition to providing resources for seasoned homesteaders, caters to those just beginning their homesteading journey. They have beginner-friendly articles and resources as well as a directory of homesteading classes and workshops.

One of the unique aspects of the site is its Christian-based community. Christian Homesteading believes that homesteading is more than just being self-sufficient; it is about living a life that honors God. This website allows individuals to connect with fellow Christians who share the same values and beliefs. People can also interact on the Facebook page.

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