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Days of our Lives – Megan and Kristen Escape and Wreak Havoc [VIDEO]


On Days of our Lives, Megan Hathaway and Kristen DiMera are plotting a prison break — but what havoc will they wreak once Stefano DiMera’s daughters are on the loose on DOOL?

This is a transcript of our Days video all about Megan Hathaway and Kirsten DiMera’s antics on the Peacock soap! Check out all our soap spoilers podcasts here and be sure to follow us on YouTube as well. The video is below as well.

Kristen DiMera Meets Megan Hathaway Behind Bars on Days of our Lives

Hey there. Peacock Soap Opera fans. This is Soap Dirt on YouTube and we want to talk about Kristen DiMera and her evil sister Megan  Hathway on DOOL. What is going to come and what havoc will they wreak? What will these daughters of Stefano DiMera do?

We have a few ideas. So, we are gonna see in April and going into May as we head into May sweeps 2023 where the sisters begin conspiring behind bars. And Megan Hathaway specifically asked that the ISA hand her to the Salem Police Department.

Because she knew then she would wind up at Statesville Prison and she didn’t wanna be in ISA custody. She very specifically wanted to be at Statesville Prison. We have to wonder if she wanted to be there because her adoptive sister is there.

And of course that’s Kristen DiMera. If you don’t know all of Stefano DiMera’s children, we have a great video on our Days of our Lives playlist about all of his kids, cuz he had a bunch, some biological, some adopted. Just a wild bunch of characters.

You might not have realized that all were his kids. So these two daughters…

Megan Hathaway’s Death Didn’t Stick on DOOL

We’ve got Megan Hathaway, who has supposedly been dead for decades. But she was frozen and then she was revived and she’s been obsessed with Bo Brady.

So she’s been awake more than 10 years. Because she’s had Bo in cold storage for around 13 years now. And then we’ve got her adoptive sister. Stefano adopted Kristen. She’s not his blood child, but she definitely sees herself as a daughter of Stefano.

As does Megan. And they have both proved that whether you share blood with a guy like him or not, his influence is what will determine your character. Because both these women are super shady characters.

And this coming week we are going to see Megan trying to lure Kristen to her side and into getting involved in some shenanigans. So, Megan will tell younger sister Kristen that there’s really no limit to what we could do together as DiMeras — if we get outta here.

So, perhaps she specifically wanted Statesville to be close to Kristen, or maybe she just wanted to be in Salem because she knew that’s where Bo Brady is coming when he inevitably comes back into his right mind.

However, just a side note is that Hope and Bo filmed 12 to 15 episodes according to Kristian Alfonso. So, max of 15. They’ve appeared at this point in about 10. Only a handful of Days of our Lives episodes left with Bo and Hope.

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) - Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson)
DOOL: Megan & Kristen | Peacock

Bo & Hope Leave Soon – Will Megan Follow on Days of our Lives?

They touted this big reunion, and then we haven’t gotten this big reunion coming into the third week in April. Finally, Hope Brady finds Bo at that Kiriakis farmhouse and there will be at least a reunion in terms of, oh, Bo’s alive, what? I didn’t know that.

And whether there will be a romantic reunion remains to be seen because with only five episodes left, and Bo being in this bizarre Kiriakis frame of mind, there’s no guarantee that we’re gonna see them right off in the sunset.

But they both will write off in the sunset soon, hopefully together, but horribly and perhaps in separate directions unless they speed up how things come. But maybe he’ll see his Fancy Face and that will just snap him out.

And so the bottom line is Megan has been protecting this knowledge that Bo Brady is alive. She even recently lied to Hope and lied to Patch and said that Thomas Banks was the one who had kidnapped Kayla.

Because she did not, of course, wanna say that Bo took his sister and ran off and all that’s gonna come out because Stephanie Johnson and Chad DiMera ran into Thomas Banks. Eileen Davidson is reprising the role on Days of our Lives.

And Thomas, of course, wants to know why they’re asking questions for him, why they’re looking for him, and no doubt it’ll come out okay. Yeah, no, he doesn’t have Kayla.

So, all this is gonna come to light and Megan’s secret is gonna be blown wide open. But she surely, she’s not content to sit behind bars the rest of her life, and that’s definitely where she’s headed.

Kristen DiMera Plots Jeal Break with Big Sister on Days

We have to expect that Megan Hathaway wants out of Statesville and so does Kristen. We’ll talk about Kristen now. She has her own agenda and needs. She is in prison now, but she’s not getting to see her daughter, Rachel Black, as much as she wants.

Now, she only sees Brady Black when he shows up angry at her. And of course, she loves Brady Black and there’s the ongoing issue of Brady possibly getting back with Chloe Lane, and that is not what Kristen wants either.

And what she’d really like, of course, is a happily ever after with Brady and Rachel. The three of them as a little family. But barring that, if she can’t have that, then she might do the thing that she was doing when she was sent to prison on Days of our Lives.

And that’s trying to take Rachel and run away with her. So if Megan wants Kristen to break out of prison, she needs to dangle the right bait and the right bait could be.

Let’s break outta here and I will help you get your daughter Rachel. And I will help you get away. I’ve got all these DiMera assets and all this DiMera property and she probably has more resources than Kristen has at this point.

And if she promises her, you know, you’ll get your happily ever after with your daughter, even if you can’t have Brady. You know, move on with your life, find love, blah, blah, blah. So, it could be really interesting.

Megan & Kristen Break out of Statesville – Chaos Ensues on Days of our Lives

Megan and Kristen could break out. They could snatch Rachel and take off. Alternately, they could break out and creep around in these secret passages in the DiMera mansion.

They could wreak havoc on people and mess with people. Because there’s definitely some grudges to be had on Days of our Lives. Kristen doesn’t think that EJ DiMera has done right by his siblings.

And of course, Megan doesn’t know a lot of these younger siblings — like Stefan and Chad. They all have these tangled backstories, but neither of these ladies are popular with the DiMeras living in the mansion now.

So the sisters may lurk and mess with them. They could go on a crime spree around Salem. They could kidnap Rachel, they could dump Chloe off a cliff. There’s no telling what they might do.

Personally, I’m super excited to see Megan doing bad things with Kristen. We’ve got this sisterly bonding and plotting thing going on… Are you excited to see Kristen DiMera and Megan Hathaway and how scary could the future be for Salem if they break out together?

If they went their separate ways, they’d only be half as monstrous. I have a feeling that the two together would be a nuclear recipe for disaster. Each has such capacity to do bad — all in the name of love.

Megan loves Bo and does all this crazy stuff. Kristen loves Brady, and that’s why she’s been sabotaging his life. They’re both doing it for love and think the ends justify the means.

So, it’ll be very interesting to see if they escape prison. And go do very extreme things and how these two feed the worst parts of each other. What do you think?

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