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‘Days of our Lives’ Spoilers: Harris Michaels – Hero or Zero?


Days of our Lives spoilers hint that Harris Michaels could save the day again. However, he may keep Bo Brady’s whereabouts secret. On the other hand, he could tell Hope all about her revived ex-husband. What will the former double agent do on the Peacock sudser?

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Harris Michaels Tangles with Bo Brady

DOOL spoilers show that Harris Michaels (Steve Burton) comes face-to-face with Bo Brady (Peter Reckell). Recall the spy searches Greece with Hope Williams Brady (Kristian Alfonso). They’re trying to find Kayla Brady (Mary Beth Evans). And now fellow agent Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) is also missing.

The agent is shocked when Bo answers the door of the Kiriakis property. After all, he remembers seeing pictures of the man when he worked for Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson).

Further, the madwoman kept her high school sweetheart alive in cryogenic stasis until she could cure his cancer. And now her captive has gone missing on Days of our Lives. 

Days of our Lives Casting News: Steve Burton - Jason Morgan - Harris Michaels

Now, Harris and Hope have rekindled the flame. However, Bo seems to have disdain towards Fancy Face. This both confuses and intrigues Michaels.

And solidifies the fact that Ms. Hathaway’s brainwashing runs deep. He figures out his ex-employer’s plan with her crush, and those crystals had everything to do with the man standing before him.

The brain-addled man has them now to create a magical fountain of youth serum with the stolen orchid. In fact, he wants his sister Kayla to help him. But now Steve is in the way.

Plus, the ISA spy now creates a new issue for the power-hungry man. He doesn’t want him messing in his business or snooping around. And he would rather his ex-wife move on. In fact, the men shake hands on keeping things a secret.

Spoilers: Will Harris Change his Mind and Tell Hope Everything on DOOL?

Days of our Lives spoilers reveal the reformed spy could still tell Hope about seeing Bo. But he has feelings for her. Plus, it’s clear that her ex-husband wants nothing to do with the mother of his children.

Further, he has a deep resentment for her that was reinforced by Megan’s brainwashing. The Navy Vet is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Meanwhile, Fancy Face learns about the man who took the prisms from the Greek police. And the police camera footage showing the interaction between Bo and Steve has been tampered with and erased. DOOL fans wait patiently for the super couple to reunite. And it could be soon on the sudser.

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However, will the spy tell Hope about seeing her ex-husband? On the one hand, he wants to be the honorable man he was before the DiMera dame manipulated his mind.

And now he has a chance to make things right. But then again, he would love that second chance with Hope to continue. Further, his lies could backfire. And if he tells her the truth, he could lose her forever. What does he do?

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Happily Never After for Harris and Hope?

DOOL viewers wonder if this could be the end of the line for the two spies. In fact, most fans would love to see Hope reunite with Bo and bring him back to normal with her love. But writers could have other plans for the former super couple.

Days of our Lives spoilers point to Hope’s collision course with her ex. She may find out that the love of her life is alive. But is it because her current lover spills what he knows? Or will she run into Bo on her own? It will be a cliffhanger up until the end. Who will Fancy Face sail off into the sunset with?

Watch for more Harris Michaels this week on Days of our Lives. He could tell Hope everything he knows about her “dead” husband.

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