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Days of our Lives: Who Killed Abigail Deveraux – a Look Back at Why Abby Died on DOOL


It’s been almost a year on Days of our Lives since Abigail Deveraux died and today, we’re taking a look back at how she died, who killed Abby, and why the killer took her life.

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Do You Remember How Abby DiMera Died on Days of our Lives?

Hey, Days of our Lives fans. Today we’re gonna be talking about something that came up at the end of last year, but the people still ask about a lot because maybe they missed some episodes. Or they just can’t remember.

But the big question is, who killed Abigail on Days of our Lives? How did Abby Deveraux die and why? We’re gonna dig in that today and go back over that and tell you the suspects in her death and exactly what happened, and it’s very exciting stuff.

Okay, let’s talk about Abigail Deveraux. She died last year on June 13th, 2022. So, it’s been almost a year since beloved Abby was killed off on Days of our Lives. But it wasn’t until September of 2022 that we got the confession from Abigail’s killer.

And that included his motive and how it all went down. Now, if you are a longtime days watcher, you know that Abigail Johanna Deveraux DiMera has been on Days of our Lives since her birth, way back on October 19th, 1992.

Abigail Deveraux’s Family & Back Story on DOOL

Abby DiMera’s a legacy character. She’s a Deveraux and a Horton. Her parents are Jennifer Horton and Jack Deveraux. For most of her life, Abigail had just one sibling — Jack Junior, otherwise known as JJ Deveraux.

But recently, we found out that she has another sibling — she and JJ both. It is a half-sister named Gwen Rizczech, who’s from her dad’s side. He had a fling way back in the day and didn’t know that Gwen existed.

But Abby’s grandma, Jennifer’s mother, Laura Spencer, kept that from him. She was approached by Gwen’s mother, but turned them away and refused to help, so Gwen grew up without a daddy. All that ties into Abigail Deveraux’s murder and the list of suspects.

You know, Abby’s been beloved by Days fans for decades. And it was horrible to see her go. And particularly the way it all went down. Abigail Deveraux was terrified, alone, and attacked by a violent predator, someone who was a known killer. It was horrible.

As an adult, we saw Abby Deveraux played by both Kate Mansi and Marci Miller, and it was Miller still in the role when Abby met her true death.

Is Abigail DiMera Really Dead on Days of our Lives?

So far, Abby DiMera does not seem to be one of the lucky ones resurrected by Dr. Rolf. But then again, you never know, because they just brought back Megan Hathaway, who’s been dead, thanks to a hot tub electrocution, for 20 years.

To say that Abby Deveraux is dead and will never come back, you can’t say that because it’s Days of our Lives, and we know death is often not a permanent condition. But for now, Abigail seems to be well and truly dead.

Now, the quick answer to who killed Abigail Deveraux is, Clyde Weston did it. But there’s a lot of backstory and some other people who were suspected, heavily suspected at the time.

If you don’t know or don’t recall Clyde Weston’s backstory, he’s just a horrible, violent criminal. And he is the father of Ben Weston, who’s now such a sweetie, but used to be the necktie killer, thanks largely to awful Clyde’s influence on him.

Days of our Lives: Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) - Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller)
Days of our Lives: Chad & Abigail | Peacock

Clyde Weston Killed Abby on DOOL

So why did Clyde kill her? The upshot is that Clyde worked for EJ DiMera back when EJ was doing a lot more sketchy activities. He was running drugs, he was a criminal. You know, as his dad could be. So you understand where he got it from.

But Clyde worked for him and he decided that he’d had enough of EJ and they had him shot. Then EJ was himself presumed dead for all these years. But then he came back and it took so long for him to actually come back to Salem, even after we knew he was alive.

Eventually, EJ came back recast with Dan Feuerriegel in the role, and Clyde was really worried that EJ would press charges for the shooting. But EJ was smart enough to know that he needed to not go there.

So, he pretended that he had forgotten, that all the medical stuff that happened to him gave him selective amnesia. But once Clyde figured out that he remembered everything, he was upset.

And he did not like EJ leveraging him or having control over him. He came to the house to kill Belle Black to torment EJ because at that time, Belle was getting cozy with EJ and they had a vibe.

And Clyde knew that she was his pet lawyer and then he cared about her. So Clyde actually came to kill Belle Black. So how did Abby wind up dead? I mean, it’s huge that Abigail died like this.

Suspects Accused of Killing Abby on Days of our Lives – Leo & Lucas Horton

Before Chad DiMera shook a confession out of Clyde, there were a bunch of other suspects. Four in particular. The first was Leo Stark. And he was a suspect because he had some jewelry that he’d stolen from the DiMera mansion.

That was back when he was basically living in the secret rooms below it. And he had hocked that jewelry to Clyde who had given some to Nancy Wesley.

It all came out after Abby died that Leo had been in the mansion and he was a suspect not simply for that reason, but because he hated Abby. And that’s because he thought Abigail ruined his best friend Gwen’s life.

So Leo was an initial suspect and things definitely look bad. But the problem from the jump with that is that Leo’s not a violent person. He is a felon. He’s a con man and can be a douche. But he’s a delicate flower and he’s not a killer.

So it was kind of ridiculous from the start. Then there was Lucas Horton who had been blackout drunk a lot lately. He fell off the wagon and he was holding onto the secret still at that point.

The secret was that he was the one who had kidnapped Sami Brady. And he set everything up, so it looked like EJ did it, and EJ went to prison for the crime. So Lucas had a lot of reasons to be drinking like that.

And the problem was that Abigail Deveraux, as an investigative reporter from The Spectator, was digging deep into Sami’s kidnapping, and she knew something was off.

More Suspects in DOOL Murder Mystery – Sarah Horton & Gwen Rizczech

When Abigail Deveraux turned up dead, Lucas was terrified that he did it because he had been blackout drunk. He was missing time, and he woke up with a cut on his hand. And as it turned out, he had cut himself while he was fixing a cocktail.

But he really thought he did it. It was only when he went under hypnosis with Marlena Evans that he remembered. But he remembered that he saw Sarah Horton at the mansion that night.

So, that brings us to the next two suspects who were the final two before we found out that Clyde Weston killed Abby. And these two are intrinsically tied together because one was at the mansion dressed as the other one.

One was suspected even though she was nowhere near the mansion and the other was in the mansion, but disguised as the other one. One of the two suspects was Gwen Rizczech, Abby’s half-sister.

The other was Sarah Horton, who is Abigail’s family, and would of course never do this. So with Gwen, she was furious at Abby because she had their dad all to herself, and Gwen was in Statesville Prison at the time.

And she had made their dad a mug for his birthday or Father’s Day, some occasion. Probably since Abigail died in June, I’m gonna guess Father’s Day. And Abby came to see her at the prison and was nasty to her, understandably.

Abigail Slapped at Gwen & Sister Went Nuts on Days of our Lives

But she slapped away the crappy mug that Gwen had made in arts and crafts and broke it. Gwen was devastated. So she wanted a little payback, and she had found a way to sneak in and out of Statesville.

Even though she was in prison, she definitely had a gap where they knew she was out of custody. And in fact, she came to the mansion that night, disguised as Sarah.

Now let’s talk about why it made sense that Sarah was a suspect, even though it was actually Gwen dressed as her. So, back then Sarah was still having reactions.

You remember Kristen kidnapped and drugged her. And for a while, Sarah thought she was Renee DuMonde. It was just all this stuff. And so they were detoxing her away from that drug and were giving her some other medications.

And as a result, Sarah was hallucinating and when she was hallucinating, she would get violent at times. She even came at Nicole with a knife. So Sarah was spotted at the house. That’s what Lucas saw.

Only it wasn’t her. It was Gwen in a mask of Sarah, that she’d gotten from Kristen, because she was using it to trick Xander and others. So Gwen plotted to attack Abby in the Sarah mask so that Sarah would end up, hopefully, in jail or the nuthouse.

Either way, Gwen just wanted Sarah away from Xander, but Sarah and Gwen were the last in a string of red herrings because it was Clyde Weston that was the killer.

Days of our Lives: Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) - Clyde Weston (James Read)
Chad & Clyde | Peacock

Why Did Clyde Kill Abigail?

The big question is — why would Clyde kill Abby? Well, he didn’t mean to kill Abby. He was creeping around the mansion looking for Belle Black, and he crept into the room where Abby was, and she freaked out and she was gonna call the police.

So he stabbed her to keep her quiet and so he could get away to do more foul deeds. You may remember he then stabbed Sonny Kiriakis later that night. And finally, Sonny remembered who stabbed him. So, Chad finds out that Clyde killed his wife.

He takes a gun out of the family safe, and he goes and he grabs Clyde. It was Clyde’s wedding day. He was gonna marry Nancy Wesley, but he didn’t get the chance.

Because Chad dragged Clyde to the cemetery and made him kneel in front of Abigail Deveraux’s grave and forced out his confession. And Clyde explained why he did everything. He did a villain monologue, he explained it all and then Chad was ready to shoot him.

Then, Clyde lunged at him and they began brawling. The gun went flying and Clyde was getting the better of Chad, and he might have killed Chad.

Abby Dead — But Her Killer Survived on Days of our Lives

While his brother fought with the killer, EJ DiMera turned up at the cemetery and got the gun. Then, he returned the long overdue favor by shooting Clyde in the back. However, Abigail Deveraux’s killer survived. And Clyde lives on.

He’s rotten and it’s rotten the way she died. But, you know, it’s a soap opera. So if you couldn’t remember who killed Abigail Deveraux, now you have a little look back at the recent history.

And we’re coming up on the anniversary of her death and her name is mentioned often on Days of our Lives. So, Abby DiMera’s fondly remembered.

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