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Doja Cat Is “Much Happier’ With Natural Beauty Even Though She


Doja Cat is bragging about loving her naturalness, but fans are reminding her she is fresh out of surgery with new hips and boobs!

Doja Cat Is Named ‘Time’ Influential Person

The singer, sorry, officially rapper is now one of Time magazine’s most influential people this year; she was interviewed by writer/director Baz Lurhmann and gushed over how comfortable she is in her skin. “When I shaved my head, it gave me this self of self,” says Doja in the minimalist interview style.

She says this “sense of self” is “different” from any other time in her life, especially during her career. “I feel younger,” she insists with confidence. Doja says she finally has “ripped off my shell” and has accepted herself for who she truly is!

This newfound adoration for herself and her natural body is news to Doja fans, who promptly took to social media to remind her that she is fresh off the plastic surgery table.

Doja Cat Is A Lot Happier

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The “Vegas” singer said she is a lot happier “with my natural beauty,” not that “I’ve shaven my head.” It awakened something in her that pusheo be more “out there.” While Doja claims to be happy with her natural self, her actions prove differently.

Back in March, she sIned on Twitter and revealed that she went under the knife. “Got my titties done and my clit bedazzled,” she writes in the first tweet of many about her procedures. “4 days into recovery rn.”

Then she tweets, “wish I could suck my titties. That’s how good they look on the god damn.” When asked how her recovery was going, Doja responds, “feels ok. I got lipo, so my thighs hurt greatly if I move too much. But I’m healing fast.”

Her followers didn’t think this was a sign of someone happy with their body and took to Twitter to call out Doja for contradicting herself. “I’m sorry she scares 😱  with all of this stuff,” ct a follower regarding the back and forth.

A follower on the bird app wasn’t buying it and believed that Doja shouldn’t be considered a role model, although we don’t think she is trying to be. “Is this a role model for folks?! Lol, wow, just wow!!! Lol.”

Doja Cat Is "Much Happier' With Natural Beauty Even Though She Got A Few Tweaks

Doja Cat Is Inspiring Some

Doja cat wears a Blue leather outfit with a bunch of Dark Colored Grapes in her hand at Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris

While some stay hating, Doja has made many of their fans happy with her newly found self-confidence, especially the confidence in her hair, which she certainly didn’t have in the past. “She used to hate her hone point so this is awesome; me to see her loving herself more.”

“I get it. I shaved my head and still play around with different wigs, and I have felt my best version since not having hair.”

“This makes me so happy she could find her true self through that decision; she has rocked that shit too! I’m so happy for her🥹🥹🥹.”

Doja’s comments are looking are giving mixed signals, but most of the followers seem to agree as long as she is happy…

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