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Donald Trump’s Campaign Donations Skyrocket Amid Indictment


Donald Trump is making a killing in campaign donations. He owes the surge to his recent indictment and increase in popularity.

Donald Trump Coming Out On Top

Donald Trump is Arraigned at the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse

The one-term president hopes to get a second term in 2024, an idea he has tossed around since losing to Biden. So far, Trump has raised over $34 million since officially campaigning at the beginning of the year.

Most of those funds came after the March 30 indictment of the former president. Specifically, Trump raised $15.4 million two weeks after he was charged and appeared in a New York City courtroom.

Trump’s campaign team told CNN that the indictment has only increased Trump’s popularity; therefore,e more people are willing to throw money his way toensuree he is treated fairly in this campaign.

Trump’s 34 charges have also pushed him up in the polls. They suggest that the numbers boost makes him more popular among the Republicans. Trump hasn’t commented on the rise in donations, but he did share his thoughts on the charges.

Trump claims to be a victim of a weaponized federal government and believes the Democrats are hoping not to endure another term of Trump as president.

Donald Trump Indicted For Former Affair

Donald Trump is Arraigned at the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse

The real estate mogul was indicted on 34 charges after it was revealed that he paid a former adult film actress, Stormy Daniels, to keep quiet about their hookup in 2016. When he realized he wanted to run for POTUS, he had to make sure no shady business from the past popped up.

The affair with Daniels was revealed down the road, and she decided to spill the beans on exactly what she and Trump got up to on their hotel room date. She sang like a canary and told some pretty NSFW stories about Trump to Piers Morgan and other news organizations.

Trump pleaded not guilty when he showed up in court for a short time mean-mugging and letting his lawyers do all the talking.

Donald Trump Worked Hard For Those Donations

Donald Trump is Arraigned at the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse

The Apprentice star has been campaigning hardcore to get the money he needs to run for president in 2024. He has been sending out fundraising appeals weekly, asking people to donate what they can.

The average donation he receives is around $49, but can you imagine that coming from thousands of people who are just as behind Trump as he is behind himself? Before the indictment, Trump played up the possible jail sentence.

He sent an email titled, “The last email before I go to jail.” This supposedly sent his followers into a tizzy. Trump also used his social media platform, Truth Social, to campaign for donations.

Two weeks after he was charged, he received a whopping 312,564 donations. It’s unclear what Trump’s next move is in the indictment besides fighting it, but it’s safe to say he will meet the monetary requirements behind running for president of the United States.

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