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Dr. Wilhelm teaches ICSC Lower Extremity Module for International Sports Chiropractic Federation in Madrid, Spain


Dr. Wilhelm teaches ICSC Lower Extremity Module for International Sports Chiropractic Federation in Madrid, Spain.

MADRID, SPAIN, April 18, 2023/ — Dr. Wilhelm, a renowned chiropractor, and expert in sports medicine, recently taught the Lower Extremity Module for the International Sports Chiropractic Federation (FICS) in Madrid, Spain. FICS is an organization that promotes the highest standards of excellence and proficiency in sports chiropractic care worldwide.

As a certified chiropractor, Dr. Wilhelm brought his extensive experience and knowledge to the Lower Extremity Module, providing comprehensive training to sports chiropractors and other healthcare professionals in the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain.

Dr. Wilhelm’s expertise in lower extremity injuries and rehabilitation proved invaluable to the participants of the course, who came from around the world to learn from him. The module was designed to provide sports chiropractors with the necessary skills and knowledge to diagnose and treat lower extremity injuries effectively and to help athletes achieve optimal performance.

The course included theoretical and practical components, with participants able to apply their newfound theoretical knowledge in hands-on sessions. Topics covered included recognizing common lower extremity injuries in sports, understanding the pathoanatomic and epidemiology of lower extremity injuries in sports, understanding the biomechanics of lower extremity injuries in sports, and determining and providing appropriate acute and chronic management of lower extremity conditions in sports.

Dr. Wilhelm also touched on the anatomy and biomechanics of the lower extremity, joint injuries and illnesses, diagnostic techniques, and evidence-informed treatment options including extremity manipulation, soft tissue methods, and performance taping. Dr. Wilhelm’s engaging teaching style and interactive approach ensured that participants were fully engaged and could apply what they learned in their practices.

“I am honored to have been invited to the lovely city of Madrid to teach the Lower Extremity Module for FICS,” said Dr. Wilhelm. “It was a privilege to share my knowledge with such a diverse group of sports chiropractic professionals from all over the world, and I am confident that they will be able to apply what they learned to improve the care they provide to their patients.”

Dr. Wilhelm is a highly respected and experienced chiropractor with extensive knowledge in sports chiropractic. He founded the elite clinics at Pro Chiropractic, has worked with elite athletes and teams around the world, and is a recognized mentor and educator in the field. He is well educated and attended Montana State University’s Pre-Med program, then Life University’s Chiropractic College in Atlanta, GA. He later joined Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO, where he completed his chiropractic studies and clinical rotations. Dr. Wilhelm received his Chiropractic Doctorate in 2004, ranking near the top of his class with an outstanding commendation for excellent clinical performance and academic excellence. Dr. Wilhelm additionally holds a Master’s Degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician (CCSP®), a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (CCEP), making him one of few sports chiropractors in the world with this rare combination of credentials. Dr. Wilhelm is also a member of the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS) and holds their International Sports Chiropractic Credential (ICSC). He served six years on The American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians and is an international FICS Sports Chiropractic Federation instructor.

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