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Ecotoll Adds the State of Washington to its Coverage


Ecotoll now covers toll payments in the State of Washington

Ecotoll now covers toll payments in the State of Washington

Ecotoll now allows drivers to pay tolls in 21 states across the US

With the addition of Washington State, Ecotoll is now available in 21 states

Ecotoll is now available in the State of Washington

Drivers can now use Ecotoll’s pay-as-you-go toll payment solution in the State of Washington

The toll payment app has expanded its coverage to Washington State, bringing it closer to becoming a nationwide toll payment service.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ — Ecotoll, the toll payment app developed by ClearRoad, has just added the State of Washington as part of its coverage. Ecotoll users may now pay tolls with their account when driving in the Evergreen State. The app allows drivers to pay for tolls through their phones, without the need for a toll tag or having to pay tolls by mail.

The expansion to Washington State is a step towards ClearRoad’s vision of building a nationwide toll payment service in the United States.

For years, drivers and travelers were often confused by toll payments when driving across different states in the US due to independent toll agencies requiring separate toll devices and accounts. Although a few networks have clustered some states and agencies together, a nationwide toll payment solution has yet to be seen.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, several toll roads and bridges shifted away from cash payments altogether towards an all-electronic toll system. The change has left drivers with few options on how to pay tolls across disjointed toll systems.

With the introduction of Ecotoll, drivers are now given the ability to access toll payments across the US with just a single account. The tolling app operates on a pay-as-you-go basis allowing drivers to only pay for tolls they use without any associated subscriptions or minimum balance requirements. The payment model makes it ideal for people who often travel or visit different states, and drivers that don’t want to be locked into putting cash up-front.

The app gives drivers the ability to select the states and regions where their Ecotoll account is activated. This allows drivers with existing toll accounts in their home state to still benefit from the app by selecting coverage only in the states not covered by their current toll account. Drivers can choose to add or expand their Ecotoll coverage anytime at no additional cost.

Ecotoll has also introduced its backdating feature in the State of Washington. This allows drivers to pay for tolls that were incurred up to three (3) days prior to their vehicle being enrolled in the app, giving drivers more options to settle their toll charges.

Since the app’s launch in the State of California in February 2022, it has already expanded its coverage to a total of 21 states and introduced compatibility with a range of vehicle types including cars, motorcycles, and 3 or more axle vehicles.

Ecotoll plans to add even more states to its coverage before the end of 2023 towards a nationwide service and introduce upgraded features in the coming months to give its users an all-in-one toll payment solution.

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