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Empowering People Through Personalized Keepsakes


AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, April 18, 2023/ — Chaleece Kenealy is a 20-year-old entrepreneur from rural Otago, New Zealand, and the proud owner of Reygn Creations. She creates stunning, personalized sterling silver crystal jewelry and keepsake items. The passion for creating beautiful pieces that help people feel more connected to their loved ones or pets has driven her business forward.

Chaleece started her business journey three and a half years ago with her father, who shared her passion for crafting beautiful things. However, before they could start making any jewelry, her father passed away. Even though he could not be there to help her, Chaleece knew she needed to keep going. She wanted to create something that would allow her to remain connected with her dad. Thus, her first keepsake piece was her own with her dad’s ashes, and she still wears it as a symbol of his strength and the lessons he taught her. This experience made her realize the importance of wanting to carry passed loved ones with you and led her to create Reygn Creations.

Reygn Creations sells an array of handmade products, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Each piece is crafted with care and designed to empower the wearer.

Chaleece’s dream of becoming self-sufficient and living off the land motivated her to become an entrepreneur. Her parents, who have always owned their businesses, also played a significant role in her decision. She has always wanted to be her own boss, and she believes that her entrepreneurial spirit comes from them.

Chaleece’s entrepreneurship journey was not without its challenges. One significant challenge she faced was putting herself on social media. It was a daunting task, but through the Ka Hao Program, she overcame her fears and is now confident in posting videos of herself weekly. She also had to overcome self-limiting beliefs, such as not being good enough, but with the support of Ka Hao and her assigned team on the programme, We R Team 6, she has been able to overcome them.

The Ka Hao Programme has been a great help to Chaleece in improving her entrepreneurial skills. She learned many things that she knew but didn’t realize how important they were or how to implement them into her business. Her confidence has also improved significantly, and she is now comfortable posting videos of herself.

Chaleece has implemented the learnings from the Ka Hao Program into her business, including creating a website, developing a growth mindset, identifying her customer avatar, creating an irresistible offerstack, writing autoresponders, and asking in-person customers for feedback to use as social proof.

In five years, Chaleece hopes that Reygn Creations will be a well-known and successful business. She is already working on a new product line, her keepsake line, which will be released soon. She is also planning to launch an Aboriginal jewelry line, collaborate with other businesses, and, hopefully, create a gold jewelry line someday.

Stay connected with Reygn Creations and discover more about their personalized keepsakes by following them on Facebook. Join their social media community and learn more about their products. Finally, discover how Ka Hao has helped Chaeece Kenealy in building and launching her store by visiting the Ka Hao Program website.

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