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Everything We Know About Aziz Ansari’s Comedy with Keanu Reeves & Seth Rogen


Making films takes time, but considering this is a comedy film and not an animated feature or a passion project from Richard Linklater that will span decades, “Good Fortune” should hopefully see a pretty standard turnaround time from principal photography to a theatrical debut. The project is slated to begin shooting in Los Angeles in May, and Lionsgate is anticipated to launch sales for the film during the Cannes Film Festival at the same time.

Post-production on a film typically takes anywhere between 10-20 weeks (excluding projects that require a ridiculous amount of visual effects work) so while it’s not impossible that we could see “Good Fortune” toward the end of 2023, it’s more likely that this will be released in 2024. Lionsgate has yet to specify whether or not this will be a comedy film for theaters, or if it will go direct-to-streaming. Given the caliber of the creative team, I’m thinking this one will go theatrical.

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