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Goldie Hawn Tugs At Fans’ Heartstrings With Dance Moves


The ever-adorable Goldie Hawn may be a septuagenarian, but she will certainly put any middle-aged person to shame when it comes to giving some dance moves.

Hawn, who is a woman of many talents, dancing included, recently showcased just how much skill she has in that department, indicating that age has got nothing and triggering more respect from her supportive fans.

Goldie Hawn Couldn’t Waste A Good Song In New Delightful Dance Video

The Academy Award winner is showing people how to have a good time in a department store in New York City, where she was filmed flaunting her dancing prowess.

Goldie Hawn at Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery US Premiere

She was evidently in high spirits in Nordstrom NYC, where she could be seen swaying to the music playing in the background by initially hopping on both legs. The video, which she uploaded on her Instagram, showed her in line with a few other people displaying the same dance step,s jumping with one hand raised.

She held a man’s hand while dancing and made another move by swinging her limbs and hugging her partner with whom she moved in a circular motion. Like the others in the hall, Hawn was enjoying herself before she got wrapped up with more displays of gutsy moves by swinging and turning without a care for the onlookers.

The 77-year-old looked as trim as ever in an all-black ensemble, including leggings and a form-fitting blouse which she paired with hiking shoes and a fanny pack.

Over a million people viewed the heart-lifting video captioned “Can’t waste a good song…even if everyone is watching.” Furthermore, it has gained 119k likes and counting, with thousands heading to the comments to commend the superstar.

“This is why I always have been and always will be a huge fan!!!” a fan articulated. “That extends to your entire family. Just amazing people who know how to.. be people.” A second commenter declared that they loved Hawn always after recalling her dance move in the movie “First Wives Club.”

Another follower lauded, “You are just too HIP girlfriend – This reminds me of you in the Housesitter dance scene [sic].” A third gushed, “I love you!!! You are simply the best,” before a fourth noted that the “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In” actress always passed the “vibe check.”

The same fan added, “I just read a comment saying she was natural and down-to-earth, and we can tell! She is so beautiful and unafraid to be herself. I love that.”

Similar to Hawn’s numerous supporters, her daughter Kate Hudson is one of her biggest fans, and last November, she marked the veteran’s 77th birthday with the best tribute.

As The Blast reported, the 43-year-old dropped several snaps showing her mom with her kids. And in the caption, she wrote, “So lucky I get to celebrate my beautiful mother everyday, BUT TODAY Nov 21, was the day she was born!”  She continued with beautiful praises for the producer, calling her a “beaming light” and one with a “joyous spirit.”

Hudson added that her mother had “depths that reach far beyond a tip-toed dance through life” as she had “challenged the toughest minds, stood tall for her worth, and blazed trails” for every woman.

In the end, she named her mother her “everything” after expressing how deeply honored she felt to be in her life and adding that the celebrant kept on being the best mother and grandmother.

The ‘Cactus Flower’ Star And Partner Of Forty Years Address Marriage Queries

Hawn has been in a relationship with fellow actor Kurt Russell since 1983, but the duo never progressed to marriage, much to the disappointment of fans. They have been constantly asked why they never tied the knot, which they addressed in an interview with Variety.

Russell recounted the early years of their affair in the eighties, saying, “We constantly got asked, ‘When are you going to get married? Why aren’t you married?’” And we were like, ‘Why does anybody care about that?’”

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

He added. “We’d asked our kids if they cared about it. They didn’t. We didn’t.” The Hollywood stars, who first met in 1996 but did not start dating immediately, have been together for four decades, which they were able to achieve without marrying.

Hawn once pointed that out and stated there was “really no reason” for the couple to get hitched as her emotional state was content.

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