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Halsey Cuts Ties With Her Record Label After TikTok Dispute


American singer-songwriter Halsey, who goes by She/They pronouns, has parted ways with their record label, Capitol Records, eight years after they went into collaboration.

The “Now or Never” singer and the record label had a tiff about a year ago when Halsey called them out for not releasing their song until it had a viral TikTok campaign attached to it.

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Halsey And Capitol Records Call It Quits After 8 Years

Halsey at Audacy's 9th Annual We Can Survive Concert

The “Bad At Love” singer, 28, has severed ties with their record label eight years after they went into a partnership that produced four studio albums.

In a statement, Halsey’s managers, Jason Aron and Anthony Li, said, “After eight great years, the decision to leave Capitol is bittersweet, but we are excited about exploring a new partnership and sharing new music with fans.”

According to Rolling Stone, a spokesperson at the record label also shared a statement validating their discontinued partnership.

“Everyone at Capitol poured their hearts and souls into helping Halsey achieve their dreams and present their music to the world. We are incredibly proud of all we accomplished together, and wish Halsey the best in all their future endeavors,” the statement read.

The singer first gained buzz by self-releasing their music on social media platforms before being signed by Astralwerks in 2014, under which they released their debut EP, “Room 93.”

Halsey Called Out The Record Label

Halsey at 64th Annual GRAMMY Awards

Just over a year ago, Halsey was embroiled in a social media feud with Capitol Records after they alleged that the record label was stopping them from releasing a song they loved.

The “Without Me” crooner took to TikTok to share a video titled “I’m Tired,” where they silently stared into the camera with a message explaining their struggle displayed on the screen.

“I have a song that I love that wanna release ASAP,” the singer wrote, per Billboard. “But my record label won’t let me.”

They said their record company told them they couldn’t release the song “So Good” unless they attached a viral TikTok campaign.

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“Everything is marketing, and they are doing this to basically every artist these days,” Halsey noted. “I just wanna release music, man. And I deserve better, tbh.”

Halsey also took to Twitter to document their frustrations with the record label. “Talked to my label tonight after my TikTok tantrum. They said, ‘Wow, the Tiktok is going strong!’ I was like, ‘Ok, cool, so can I release my song now?’ They said, ‘We’ll see!’ Tell me again how I’m making this up,” they shared.

In another post, Halsey wrote, “I’ve minded my own business on tour, taking care of my baby. Four albums Deep Coasting. I’m way too established to stir something up for no reason or resort to this as a marketing tactic, but now I’m in too deep, so there’s no going back.”

Capitol Records Responded To The Allegations

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A Capitol Records spokesperson responded in a statement to Halsey’s claims that the record label still had unwavering support for the singer.

“Our belief in Halsey as a singular and important artist is total and unwavering. We can’t wait for the world to hear their brilliant new music,” the statement read.

Following the label’s assurance, the “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power,” singer stated that a release date for the single was still not provided at the time, as people began labeling them a liar.

They tweeted, “At this point, I don’t know what to do because I told the truth about what’s happening, and now I still don’t have a release date, and some of you think I’m lying about this whole fiasco. So I’m double f**ked, lol,” she wrote. “If you have questions, I have answers. I have nothing to hide.”

Halsey Is Focusing On Her Upcoming Movie ‘MaXXXine’

Halsey dresses up for Valentine's Day

According to Rolling Stone, the singer, who made their acting debut in “Americana,” attributed their success in landing a role in the yet-to-be-released slasher film sequel, “MaXXXine,” to a “good luck” spider.

“I was super nervous because I’m a huge franchise fan. I loved X, and I loved Pearl,” they said. “I wanted to tell you a funny story about my audition and how I got the part.”

They continued, “So I went in and auditioned just like anybody else. And I was in the audition room with the casting agent, and suddenly, everybody started freaking out a little bit because there was a spider in the room.”

Halsey narrated how they helped calm the room by picking up the spider and taking it to safety. They claimed that spiders are good luck, and having one around means a person is about to get lucky. Halsey got the part and thanked the spider for its good luck.

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