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Jenna Ortega Opens Up About Influenced By Wednesday Addams


Jenna Ortega is bringing Wednesday Addams to life with her goth-inspired look!

In a new interview, the talented actress revealed that playing the titular character ‘Wednesday‘ allowed her to embrace her darker sense of humor and take more risks with her appearance starting with a hairstyle change.

“The Fallout” actress has also stunned the red carpet with her Wednesday Addams-inspired style, cementing her place as a budding fashion icon. Recently, Ortega became the new face of Gris Dior.

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Jenna Ortega Embraces Goth Culture

Jenna Ortega

The talented actress, known for her iconic portrayal of the titular character Wednesday in the popular Netflix series of the same name, proudly embraces her goth side. In an interview with Vogue, the 20-year-old star opened up about how her sense of style has evolved since landing the role and how it has allowed her to express her darker sense of humor.

“I’ve always respected goth culture,” Ortega shared. “I’ve always had a darker sense of humor, but I never felt I could express that. Now I feel like I can embrace those qualities in myself.”

Ortega, who has been spotted rocking various Wednesday-inspired looks during the recent awards season, also revealed that her character on the show had inspired her to take risks with her appearance, starting with a bold hairstyle change with flair and confidence. “I was attached to my long hair,” Ortega said. “But changing it up encouraged me to be more adventurous and creative in my overall presentation.”

Jenna Ortega Is The New Face Of Gris Dior

Jenna Ortega at 'Scream VI' World Premiere

Recently, Ortega was announced as the new face of the renowned fragrance Gris Dior. During her conversation with Vogue, the “Scream VI” star said it was a “fascinating” opportunity, not only because she adored the scent’s perfectly balanced unisex notes or because the bottle is “also cute” but also because she had the chance to collaborate with fashion icons Bardia Zeinali and Mikael Jansson on the campaign.

Talking about her experience on the campaign, Ortega shared that it was more than a modeling gig but also a creative journey that allowed her to embrace her individuality, stating, “I felt like I was encouraged to be myself—I felt throughout the entire process that I could go with my gut instinct and do whatever felt authentic and natural to me.”

Her Wednesday Addams-Inspired Look At The 2023 SAG Awards

At the 2023 SAG Awards, Ortega made a stunning statement with a touch of Wednesday Addams-inspired style. The talented actress donned a mesmerizing all-black Versace gown that featured a sculpted bodice, adding a touch of edgy sophistication to her look.

Ortega accessorized her look with exquisite Tiffany & Co. jewels and black platform heels, adding height and confidence to her red carpet-outfit. Ortega opted for light, peachy makeup with shimmery eyeshadow for the red carpet glam. Her tousled hair was let down, with her bangs artfully parted in the middle to frame her face with effortless elegance.

Jenna Ortega Reflects On Her Life Before Wednesday Addams

Jenna Ortega at the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards

During an interview with People and Entertainment Weekly’s Jeremy Parsons and Janine Rubenstein on the red carpet, Ortega reflected on how her life has changed since her breakout role as Wednesday Addams last year.

“It felt like a whirlwind, maybe more at the end of the year when the show initially came out,” she shared, per People. “I feel like I tried to avoid the chaos as much as possible and keep myself surrounded by people I love and know, and I think they helped ease my nerves. I’ve felt my life change, but I think I’m more focused on my work than anything, which has made it a bit more of a seamless transition.”

Ortega recently got into some hot water after claiming that she put her foot down over certain aspects of her show “Wednesday,” not making any sense with her character’s personality. Her statement was met with mixed reactions from fans and certain film industry members. 

Some felt she had the right to air her opinion on what she thought was best for her character, while others disagreed, saying that it was disrespectful to the writers of the critically acclaimed show.

“Wednesday” is set to return for a second season on Netflix.

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