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Jonathan Graziano’s Foster Pugs Have Forever Homes!


Pug puppies Rigatoni and Macaroni were adopted!

The two pug puppies that beloved Noodle the pug’s owner Jonathan Graziano has been fostering is leaving his care to go to their forever homes.

Toni And Roni Are Leaving Jonathan Graziano’s Home

Jonathan Graziano's foster pugs Rigatoni and Macaroni
Jonathan Graziano – TikTok

The energetic little pug pups with the electric personalities are getting ready to meet their new families after weeks of living with TikToker Graziano. In a recent video shared on TikTok, Graziano explains that Rigatoni and Macaroni, also known as Toni and Roni, are ready to leave his care and go to their forever homes.

“Are you ready to go to your forever homes? Are you ready to go?,” Graziano asked the two active little pups. “Are you ready to be rid of me?” Just then, one of the pups gave a little bark. Maybe it was a thank you for the fun times, or a protest that he has to leave Graziano. We’ll never quite know.

The foster pup dad then explained that today is the day the two little guys go to their forever homes.

“Although, it is so sad to see them go, this was always the goal,” he reminded his 4.5 million loyal followers. “They’re gonna live the most amazing lives with the most amazing families, and it’s hard to be too sad about that.”

Jonathan Graziano
Jonathan Graziano – TikTok

The adorable little “beans” as Graziano always called them, won’t be leaving empty handed. Besides the awesome memories they have of being loved by Graziano and all of his social media followers, he also put together a little care package for each pug so they can feel more comfortable in their new homes.

“I’m sending them both off with a bounty. They’ve got a bag of food, they’ve got this fluff trough,” he said. “I’m shipping them both off with their lambie, they each get a ball, and then they love this little Nylabone. It’s tough but they can’t break through it.”

He’s also sending Roni, his little “puzzle solver” with a cute puzzle like toy and Toni, who is “nuts” gets a little pull toy to play with. He closed out his video by saying, “We’re gonna miss them so much.”

Jonathan Graziano’s TikTok Followers Are Sad To See The Pugs Leave

Jonathan Graziano's foster pug puppies
SNORT – Short Noses Only Rescue Team – Facebook

Just four hours after sharing the goodbye video, there’s already been more than 300,000 views and tons of comments. See video HERE.

“If the new families start TikTok’s for them let us know,” one follower wrote to which Graziano replied, “we demand content!!”

“I will miss the pasta puppies,🥺🥺” one person wrote. Another person is hoping for another foster situation for Graziano saying, “I hope you do more fosters! Its been so fun to watch!” Graziano replied that he will be fostering again because it was an “amazing and rewarding experience.”

Jonathan Graziano
Jonathan Graziano – TikTok

Another TikTok famous pug, Doug the Pug, also left a comment for Graziano. “😭🤍 you changed their lives forever,” and Graziano responded, “It was such a privilege Douglas. 🥰”

One follower explained how this is not only a sad moment, but also a happy one. “This makes me sooooo happy and soooo sad all at the same time!!”

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