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Julia Fox Claps Back At Shamers Who Don’t Like That She’s ’40 W


Julia Fox has a roomie you all, and she is being shamed online for the economically friendly decision.

Julia Fox Is Cohabitating In The NYC

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The SINGLE MOM of one let it slip that she has a roommate or, at the very least, someone sharing her space for an extended period. This was a massive problem for trolls and haters who assume she should be a millionaire by now.

The comment was basic and straight to the point, “She’s 40 with roommates,” slammed the follower. The shade was not accepted by Fox, who took to TikTok to clap back at the person who thinks it’s ridiculous that she shares her space.

“Why are you so obsessed with me? I wanna know,” Fox sings the Mariah Carey verse sarcastically. So-called out the follower by name in addition to tagging his comment in the video, “Ronnie baby get a grip,” she begged of them.

She also took a moment to show off her t-shirt and shouted to the company that made it. The whole video was one big joke for Fox because she felt it was ridiculous to even comment on it.

Julia Fox Is Inspiring Her Followers

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Naturally, her clap back received comments from people who agreed that having a roommate is no issue and that Ronny probably should mind his business. “Honestly, what’s wrong w having roommates? Living w people you like can be so fun,” noted one follower. Fox agreed, “Roommates 4life.”

Julia Fox Claps Back At Shamers Who Don't Like That She's '40 With A Roommate'

Another follower pointed out the benefits of a roomie. “As a newly single mom, I want nothing more than one or two of my single mom friends to move in with me, and we can all live happily,” Fox explained that she was doing that just now! “I just did that with my best friend/ sister, and I’ve never been happier 🥰 sometimes we need to make our village!!”

Julia Fox Claps Back At Shamers Who Don't Like That She's '40 With A Roommate'

Others praised Fox for her wise money-saving decision. “Seems like a financially responsible decision. I prefer a dope roommate over a husband (also…. Roommate),” wrote a fan of Fox’s idea.

Other backed up her great idea by emphasizing how expensive life in NYC is. “Like, has he not seen NYC rent prices? I’d have roommates too!”

“Living alone? In this economy?!?! AHAHAHA” joked another follower. Rent is an issue in New York, in case you don’t watch the news.

Julia Fox Is As Real As They Come

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As usual, Fox was also bombarded with hate because some of her followers believed she was cringy and follow her to watch all the cringe. “I don’t know why, but I don’t feel bad for you,” wrote one follower.

Not sure if Fox was looking for sympathy over this post. “Who the hell do you think is obsessed with you,” asked another hater. Fox is unbothered by the back and forth between herself and Ronny.

While Ronny is over here, manyy people are in the comments applying to be Fox’s next roommate.

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