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Kelly Rizzo Gets Candid About Grieving Journey In Q&A Session


A life of blessings! Kelly Rizzo is reflecting on her journey to healing and embracing a world without her beloved husband, Bob Saget.

The blonde bombshell from the renowned real estate family business Rizzo Realty Group came into the limelight for her relationship with the late “America’s Funniest Home Videos” host.

The lovebirds enjoyed a blissful marriage from 2018 until the entertainer’s demise in 2022. Now, the 43-year-old shares how God helped her overcome this painful period.

Kelly Rizzo Gets Candid About Her Grieving Journey In Q&A Session With Fans

Kelly Rizzo talks about faith's role in her grief journey

During a recent Q&A segment on her Instagram Story, the food blogger opened up about faith’s impact while grieving the loss of her late husband. The emotional revelation came after a curious fan inquired about the matter.

“How has your faith affected your grieving process?” the individual asked, presumably knowing their question might be a complex subject. Nonetheless, Rizzo did not hesitate to respond as the former real estate agent has been open about her loss from the start.

Sharing her testimony, the “Unfiltered with Kelly Rizzo” star credited the Almighty for coming through in her hour of need. “It’s been critical,” the blonde beauty noted about her faith. “From day one, I asked God for the strength to get through, and I prayed to be ok in some way, shape, or form.”

In response to her cries for help, the media personality claimed the Lord sent down “angels” in the form of her loved ones. “Then my prayers were answered by being surrounded by the most incredible group of friends and family — all angels in their own right.”

Paying tribute to these exceptional individuals, the “Full House” star’s widow stated that her loved ones supported her daily, carrying her through the painful period. “I’m very blessed indeed,” the entertainer declared.

The “Eat Travel Rock TV” web series founder’s post came a few days after she reminisced about her late husband’s best quality on her IG story. The Chicago native took a trip down memory lane by sharing a throwback picture of the once-happy couple.

Late Bob Saget and Kelly Rizzo attend the Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2018

The image the TV producer revealed was taken on April 5, 2018, and captured the spouses posing on the red carpet in front of a Beverly Hills Film Festival backdrop. Rizzo rocked her shoulder-length hair in a straightened fashion pairing the formal hairdo with tailored red pants and a matching red jacket.

The 43-year-old completed the look with red lipstick, a black inner top, a matching black clutch, and pointed-toe stilettos. By her side, the late Saget looked radiant in an all-black suit, beaming at the camera with an arm wrapped around his wife’s waist.

“His smile was/is the BEST,” the travel blogger captioned the heartwarming image. Although it was unclear the messages the media personality’s followers would have sent to her DM’s, it was safe to assume that many equally missed the late comedian’s precious smile.

The “Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute” Producer Opened Up About Selling Her Matrimonial Home

Last month, The Blast reported that Rizzo made a difficult decision to overcome losing her late husband. Despite sharing many wonderful years and memories on the property, the entertainer chose to sell the couple’s marital home.

Opening up about her decision in a heart-to-heart interview, the Chicago native explained that putting the house on the market was crucial in her healing journey. According to the blonde bombshell, her home reminded her of Saget’s absence.

Kelly Rizzo remembers late Bob Saget's last Christmas

“If you go into my new house,” the media personality said, “There are pictures of him everywhere. I say it’s like just shy of a Bob museum, but you know he’s still everywhere.”

After frequently engaging with memories of Saget through pictures and videos, the 43-year-old realized something new about grief and how it was affected by good experiences. In the blogger’s words:

“I’ve learned recently about grief that something about the home that you shared sometimes can be very triggering and can be even if you had wonderful memories there, even if it was such a positive experience, which it was.”

Once she understood that she needed to let go of the house to lessen the weight on her heart, Rizzo confessed that it felt good to get rid of the pressure by selling her home. The couple’s Brentwood mansion was reportedly sold for $5.4 million after an initial price of $7.765 million last June.

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