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‘Love Is Blind’: Does Jackie Legally Have to Give Marshall Back the Ring?


Love Is Blind fans are on fire about how Jackie Bonds treated Marshall Glaze — and especially after she refused to give back the engagement ring. But is keeping it illegal? What’s the Washington state law on who gets the ring when a couple splits?

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Love Is Blind – Can Jackie Bonds Keep the Ring?

Hey there reality TV fans. This is And we want to talk to you today about, Love is Blind. Specifically, we want to talk about what is going on with Jackie Bonds, Marshall Glaze, and Josh Demas. Everybody is reeling from her bad, bad behavior.

On Love is Blind, season four. And we wanna dig into that. What we also wanna talk about specifically is her not giving Marshall the engagement ring back, insisting that she keep it.

And we were wondering, probably like a lot of people, what’s the law in Washington state? Since they’re in Seattle, is she legally entitled to keep that ring?

And we have come up with two different findings. One which is the standard ruling, and one which came in 1990 in a groundbreaking, Court of Appeals case. And we’re gonna talk about whether those laws apply to this situation.

Now, if you’re not completely current… spoiler alert for Love is Blind.

Jackie Skipped Dress Shopping to See Josh Demas

What happened is that Jackie Bonds did not show up with the other brides to try on her wedding dress, and Marshall heard about that. He knew about that.

And when that was revealed, they immediately cut to a scene in episode eight, I believe, and then it carried the conversation carried over into episode nine. Where Jackie was skipping her fitting and meeting Josh Demas for coffee. And a little more than that.

Now, it could be that they had this conversation at a different time, and put it in this order. Either way, she skipped her wedding dress fitting, and was definitely out with Josh, behind Marshall’s back.

So, the timing of how this all happened isn’t precise. Marshall was at a tux fitting, and when he hears that his bride isn’t gonna be there, it seems like a waste of his time.

So he heads back to their place and asks directly what’s going on? Why wasn’t she at her fitting and what’s going on with her and Josh after they talked at Chelsea’s party?

Jackie Bonds starts with some nonsense about who I was in the pods… I loved you and this and that, but I just can’t be with you. The bottom line is it feels like she’s gaslighting Marshall, who seems kind.

She has called him emotional when she was the one who had a breakdown in Mexico, that he was very supportive about. And he wants to have, basic human conversations about normal things. She freaks out and says he’s not man enough for her. She’s been awful.

And fans are really pissed off at her. So, we’re gonna talk about this engagement ring. And then we’re gonna talk a little more about some of the things that fans are saying real quick.

Marshall Glaze Asks for Ring Back but She Refuses on Love Is Blind

Now back into this, Marshall asked for the ring back and Jackie said “No”. And it’s very clear in this situation. She was the one breaking off their engagement. And she told him, I can’t marry you. She told him that flat out.

And then she also showed that constructively by not going to her wedding dress fitting and not moving forward with the wedding plan. So, it’s very clear Jackie Bonds has called off this engagement. And that is very important because of Washinn state law.

So we consulted a local Seattle divorce attorney to find out what the deal is. And in Washington state, an engagement ring is generally considered what they call a “conditional gift”.

It means it is a gift you get to keep if you meet the conditions that come with it. The condition that comes with an engagement ring is that you will marry that person. The condition is the wedding.

Once you marry that person, generally, even if you get a divorce, the wife can keep the ring. But this is not the case of divorce. That’s an unfulfilled marriage promise. If they don’t wed, the typical treatment by law is the receiver is obligated to return the ring to the giver.

The receiver in this case is Jackie and the giver is Marshall. But she refused.

Washington State Law Says Give Back the Ring Unless…

Now there is a 1990 Washington Court of Appeals case that handled this differently. But it was a whole different situation. In that case, the guy wanted the two-karat diamond ring that he’d given to his fiance back.

They had broken off their engagement, she sued him for some other money, and then she sued him asking to have the ring back. And basically, It came down to if the person who’s given the ring unjustifiably breaks the engagement… is what the court says.

If they unjustifiably break the engagement, then the person who has received the ring can keep it. And in this specific case, they didn’t determine that there was a justification for the fiance breaking off their engagement.

That is drastically different than what we are seeing on Love is Blind with Marshall and Jackie Bonds. He had a very justifiable reason to break off their engagement. But he didn’t break it off.

She broke off the engagement and her only justification is that she basically was already emotionally cheating on him with Josh. Because she met with Josh knowing he had a romantic interest in her, a sexual interest in her, and he said, I wanna be with you.

And she’s like, okay. Then, he’s like, well what about Marshall? And she’s like, F-Marshall. She said it. And you know, he is definitely in the clear on this.

Fans Pile on Hate at Jackie for How She Treated Marshall on Love is Blind

Now, real quick. What I wanna do is I wanna go over and we’re gonna pop up some of these for you guys to look at, but just some of the comments that people have about Jackie Bonds.

This is one of my favorites. “Jackie has officially entered The Love is Blind Hall of Shame, female edition”. Here’s another: “The fact that Jackie, making everyone forget that Irena exists in the same season is wild. How the mighty fall”.

You might remember that Irena and Micah were taking a lot of heat as the bad girls of this season, but then here comes Jackie Bonds and she’s like, hold my beer.

And she just craps all over Marshall while the cameras are rolling. It’s awful. Somebody put up a really sweet picture of Marshall and said, “protect this man at all costs. He deserves so much more than this experience”.

Another one said, “Jackie just ran right past Micah. And Irena as this season’s villain on Love is Blind. What do you mean you’re keeping the ring?”

Here’s another… “Wheeew, it looks like Jackie ran past Zainab Shake, Jared, Irena, and Cume and snatched the crown off of Bartise’s head. For the biggest villain in Love is Blind History.”

Jackie Roasted – Named Top Villain – Knocked Bartise Off His Spot

Y’all might remember, Bartise from last season who people really hated. Not even in a love to hate way. They just hated him because of his horrible behavior. And now here comes Jackie, and all of a sudden Bartise is like, whew, well they’re off me now.

They’re on her. Right? And then here’s another one. “Jackie don’t need to be in a relationship. She needs therapy”. All you have to do is go to Twitter and look at “Love is Blind Jackie”, and you will just find it all.

And really, Marshall Glaze put it best himself. After all this came out and they were interviewing him outside of the house that they were sharing…

He said “This Jackie, the deflecting, the gaslighting, the deceitful Jackie. I don’t know who that is. And apparently that’s the real Jackie.”

Everybody was cheering him saying that he should definitely read her for filth, which he kind of did. Some of the other comments they made about her, you can’t even repeat. Because there’s so much profanity. People are really hating her right now.

Let’s see. Here’s another: “I’m sorry, but Jackie is a demon, straight from hell. I’m truly appalled at the level of disrespect she’s spewing for no reason”.

Fans Are Definitely Team Marshall on Love Is Blind

And that’s kind of the thing too. It’s not… What she did. I mean, clearly, she shouldn’t be marrying a man that she doesn’t love. That’s fine.

But there’s a way to handle things in an emotionally mature way. There’s a way to be sensitive to a man who has shown you nothing but love and kindness.

And that definitely is by meeting this other dude and carrying on while she’s still actively engaged and then demanding that she keep the ring.

And poor Marshall is so just beaten down and shell-shocked by her that he said okay. I mean, that’s how much he just wants her to be gone. He’s like, keep the ring.

He should be able to have that ring to hock it and, I don’t know, take a boy’s trip somewhere. And have a massage and some de-stress time because of what she’s done to him.

What do you think? Are you in agreement that Jackie Bonds is the top villain of all time? And what do you think? Should Love is Blind make her hand back that ring. Or should Marshall maybe take her to court?

Because I don’t think she stands a snowballs chance of winning in court, based on Washington state law.

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