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‘Love Is Blind’ Star Chelsea Griffin Has A Message For The Haters!


“Love Is Blind” beauty Chelsea Griffin has something to say for the so-called ‘keyboard warriors’ out there!

The reality star took to her Instagram stories ahead of the season four finale to remind the internet of crucial information: the “Love Is Blind” cast is quite aware of the negative commentary that has permeated social media throughout the reality series’ fourth season.

The Blast has covered many instances of social media snark against Griffin’s co-stars. Griffin’s fiancé Kwame Appiah’s former ‘pod flame’ Micah Lussier, has been a frequent target of social media scorn. Griffin and Appiah have also received their fair share of negative commentary.

Twitter users have frequently alleged that Appiah isn’t nearly as invested in their relationship as Griffin appears to be, Griffin’s on-screen personality has been called into question on TikTok, and fans have pondered whether scenes featuring the couple have been staged or not.

Griffin is now taking a stand and reminding “Love Is Blind” viewers that they are not watching a bunch of fictional characters!

Read on to find out what Griffin has to say to her critics.

Griffin Has Weighed In On Her Man’s Past Relationship From The Pods

Appiah and Lussier have received lots of attention online for repeatedly revisiting their earlier connection on-screen.

The duo have both discussed it while promoting the season, and Griffin has also given her take on Appiah’s former relationship.

Lussier expressed in an interview with Extra TV she thought Griffin had “misunderstood” their connection.

“…I know some of my intentions with him could be a little misleading,” she explained. “maybe he misunderstood it, I think maybe Chelsea did, and I think it just comes down to, you know, understanding me as a person, and how would we all be able to do that in such a short time?”

Griffin expressed her feelings on the matter to E! News.

“How I describe it is like, you’re standing in life, you’re standing in your power, you’re doing great, and someone comes at your back and stabs you. That’s what it feels like watching that,” she explained. “It’s pretty jerking and difficult.”

“I don’t think I realized how deeply they connected,” Griffin explained. “I was distraught. I had to walk away a couple of times. I’m a real person, and I have feelings,” she stressed.

When questioned about his relationship with Griffin compared to his ex, Appiah described his connection with his fiancée as having “the right energy.”

“…And it made me think, like, ‘Woah, this is interesting, it’s happening, I’m seeing this person,’ and I had strong feelings for this person, but all in all, putting Chelsea and me in the same space, I knew that the energy was different, and I knew that it was the right energy. And so I was beyond pleased with how things worked out there,” he explained to Extra TV. (per The Blast)

Griffin Has Not Been So Pleased With Social Media’s Criticism Of The Cast

Ahead of the season finale’s release on Netflix, Griffin shared her feelings about the onslaught of critical analysis she and her castmates have received over the past month.

She angled her message around the vintage Coca-Cola “Have a Coke and a Smile” campaign from the late seventies, including a picture of herself enjoying a Coke.

“Oof, the internet can be a very hurtful place,” she begins her message. “Here’s my reminder that I’m a human being with a beating heart and a brain and a family and a job, as are my cast mates,” she adds. “We are not characters to slam and shame. Respectfully, if you have nothing nice to say, listen to your mother’s [sic] advice and don’t say anything. Have a coke and a smile or whatever makes you happy and go do something productive,” she shared before wishing her followers a good day.

The “Love Is Blind” season four cast will gather again for this weekend’s live reunion! The reunion will stream via Netflix on Sunday, April 16th.

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