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‘Love Is Blind’s Kwame Appiah Shares Snapshots Of His Marriage


Love Is Blind” season four couple Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin cemented their love story by getting married during the finale!

Chelsea and Kwame from Love Is Blind

The longevity of the duo’s relationship was frequently examined on social media throughout the season. Many viewers speculate that Appiah had been reluctant to marry Griffin because his mother hadn’t approved of the experimental reality show. Others wondered whether Griffin had been much more into her fiancé than he was with her.

[Spoilers for the season four finale are ahead!]

The couple surprised many viewers by going through with their wedding! The penultimate episode of the season ended with Griffin saying “I do” to her groom, and viewers could see Appiah say the same!

The groom celebrated their nuptials with an Instagram carousel featuring picture and video snapshots of the couple’s lives together.

Mr. And Mrs. Appiah Survive Rumors About Kwame’s Loyalty To His Lady

Chelsea and Kwame love is blind

Appiah’s first “Love Is Blind” relationship with Micah Lussier was frequently discussed on the show.

Viewers saw Appiah and Lussier meet for the first time during a cast pool party, and Griffin had felt a little miffed about their meeting; the former couple’s conversation lasted awhile! The pool party wouldn’t be their only encounter. Lussier and Appiah would also chat during Griffin’s birthday party.

The former couple would also address their relationship while promoting the show. Appiah candidly discussed that while he had “deep feelings” for Lussier, he knew he ultimately felt “the right energy” when he and Griffin met for the first time.

Lussier said she “never looked back” on her relationship with Appiah after forming a connection with her now ex-fiancé Paul Peden.

Griffin also described feeling “very upset” after watching her now husband’s relationship with Lussier unfold on screen. She also said she didn’t realize the magnitude of their connection until watching the season for herself. (via The Blast)

The Appiahs Celebrate Their Marriage On Social Media!

The bride and groom visited their Instagram accounts to celebrate their wedding day. Griffin shared some never before seen snaps on her Instagram story, and her new husband commemorated their big day on his feed.

Appiah shared several photos and videos of the couple throughout their relationship. He candidly penned a note in the caption where he acknowledged viewer perceptions about the state of their relationship.

“All of this content was taken during our engagement when all the big cameras weren’t on us,” he began in the post. “We got to enjoy life and communicate in the most natural ways. Just a quick response to anyone saying, ‘they have no chemistry,’ or ‘they don’t even love each other..’ based on what you saw, I don’t blame you for thinking that,” Appiah continued. “But actually, we had the MOST fun together falling in love!” he wrote.

The couple’s co-stars, Brett Brown, and Bliss Pourteetezadi, celebrated their love story in the comments.

“Beautiful post, Kwame!” Brown wrote. “What is shown on tv is such a boiled-down version of our relationships for the good and bad. Glad you’re showing your relationship on your terms [praise enoji].”

Pourteetezadi commented, “Team Kwame and Chelsea forever!! We see your beautiful relationship every time we are together. What a beautiful couple!”

“Netflix had us fooled,” a viewer wrote. “Congratulations, you two!”

“The producers are the real villains,” a follower weighed in.

“This is a sign that we all need to remember that this is a tv, we don’t see or know everything, and to stop projecting our insecurities on other people [sic] relationships. Congrats. So happy for you two!” another viewer commented.

“I always bought what Kwame and Chels were selling (despite all the mess and detractors). I always saw your heart, brother, and Chelsea is the epitome of love and light. My heart is beaming with joy that you both said yes! May your union be blessed and happy. Lots of love from South Africa,” a follower wrote.

“So glad you posted this,” a fan wrote. “I was struggling to be able to tell if she was getting back the same love she was giving you- I’m sure I’m not alone. Since I’m not dumb, I know this show is wildly edited, so I was waiting for something like this,” they concluded.

“You guys make me so happy,” a follower wrote. “I’m so proud of you both! I love seeing you evolve and publicly show how strong you are for each other. That is hard to do. But you both kept it real through the ups and downs! I wish you nothing but the best! Same for everyone else. Season 4 was my favorite season,” they shared.

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