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‘Love Is Blind’s Micah Lussier Defends Her Friendship With Shelby


Micah Lussier is going to bat for her close friend, Shelby!

The “Love Is Blind” star has been criticized on social media throughout season four for her controversial friendships. The 27-year-old marketing manager made headlines for her friendship with fellow contestant Irina Solomonova; the duo faced scrutiny for how they treated their fellow contestants early on in the season.

As season four progressed, viewers were introduced to Lussier’s friend, Shelby. The internet quickly caught on to Shelby’s apparent distaste for Lussier’s fiancé Paul Peden, and would later latch on to Shelby’s reaction to the couple saying ‘no’ at the altar.

Lussier has broken her silence about her friends, giving more insight into why her pal thought her ex-flame was a less-than-perfect pick.

What Are ‘Love Is Blind’ Fans Saying About Shelby Online?

“Love Is Blind” fans have likely seen the social media chatter and criticism toward Lussier’s pal. Countless TikToks have been made dissecting the pair’s friendship, and the duo is also frequently mentioned on “Love Is Blind” Twitter.

A Twitter user posted photos of Shelby’s reaction to the outcome of Lussier and Peden’s wedding and wrote, “You gotta be a nasty friend to make this comment about your hurting friend. Shelby ain’t s**t.” The thread has received over five thousand ‘likes’ and has been retweeted over 500 times.

“no one is sitting here feeling bad for Micah that Paul said no,” a Twitter user wrote. “we were rooting for that, but her friend had a weird level of glee.”

“There’s something extraordinary about this friendship,” another said. “I’m glad that young man didn’t get entangled in it. Count your blessings, young man. You dodged a killer bullet.”

“It seems like Micah grew a lot in the process. I think she’ll seek more depth from friends in the future, so Shelby is on her way out,” another chimed.

“I’m not a fan of Micah, but I hope she realizes that girl isn’t much of a friend. Sure, I would be concerned for my friend if they were going through this process, but to root for her heartbreak to get the outcome I want? Ugh,” another user tweeted.

What’s The 4-1-1 On Lussier’s Friendship?

The “Love Is Blind” reality star is aware of the commentary surrounding her friendship on social media, and she is setting the record straight on her company.

Lussier gave People Magazine the lowdown on Shelby and revealed why she came across as being incredibly against her relationship.

“I think the thing with Shelby is that she does not put anything lightly,” Lussier explained. “I think she is blunt, but she’s also my person.”

Lussier also stressed that her friend always had pure intentions while on the show.

“…I think everything she did came strictly from love,” she continued. “And she did not want me to get hurt. She’s been through every heartbreak I’ve had, and she would not let it happen again.”

Although Lussier continued to defend her friend’s reaction, she acknowledged that her friend hadn’t been around for the experiment and her relationship with Peden.

“If she didn’t think Paul was the right person, she was going to say something,” Lussier stressed. “But I did have to take everything she said, of course, with a grain of salt because she didn’t know our whole story,” Lussier concluded. (via Yahoo!)

Peden and Lussier ended up being the only remaining couple of the season who did not get married.

Will Lussier have anything to reveal about the current status of her relationship with Shelby? Fans can find out during Netflix’s live reunion, which takes place on the platform tomorrow, April 16th!

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