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‘Love Is Blind’s Micah Lussier Takes A Stand For Her Wellbeing!


Micah Lussier is channeling all of her inner strength!

The 27-year-old reality star rose to fame as a cast member of “Love Is Blind’s” fourth season. The marketing manager received much criticism for her behavior, friendships, and frequent use of the word ‘like,’ to name a few factors.

[Major spoilers about the season four finale are ahead!]

Lussier got engaged sight unseen with environmental scientist Paul Peden. The pair ultimately said “I don’t” at the altar during the season finale.

Following the finale’s release, Lussier took to her Instagram to reassure her followers that she won’t be brought down by the heartbreaking conclusion of her relationship with her ex-fiancé.

Lussier And Peden Did Not Get Married On ‘Love Is Blind’

Lussier and Peden frequently experienced on-screen hurdles within their relationship. During their first meeting, Lussier’s close friends weren’t shy about expressing their distaste for Lussier’s man.

She also confronted her pod pal, Irina Solomonova, about her flirty behavior toward Peden during a cast pool party. The duo discussed the matter over an intense dinner earlier in the season.

After Lussier persuaded her fiancé to make the final decision over the fate of their relationship, the couple ended up not tying the knot.

The duo would later discuss the outcome of their relationship in an interview with Us Weekly.

Lussier explained her reasoning for having Peden speak first at the altar to the outlet.

“It was kind of the last chance [for Paul] to show me that you’re willing to take the risk and jump,” she said. “And I think having him answer first was the only way to do that. I worried that maybe, he would say yes if I said yes- and I wanted him to answer from his heart,” Lussier continued. “And I felt it was like, ‘Alright, show me or don’t.”

Lussier also openly shared her sadness over her ex’s final answer.

“…But I just didn’t wanna talk to him at that moment,” she said, referring to Peden’s attempt to explain himself. “And I felt so angry and, like, so much sadness, and whether that was misplaced or not, I didn’t want to see him. But I was happy that he showed he cared. I mean, he’s always cared,” she added. “I never doubted that.”

Lussier Proclaims She Will ‘Be OK’ In Emotional Instagram Post

Peden’s ex-fiancée would commemorate the season finale on Instagram by posting a black and white photo of herself.

“Listen, I’ve taken care of myself my entire life,” she wrote in the post’s caption. “I’ll be OK. [heart emoji]”

Lussier’s followers had plenty to discuss in the comment section.

Season two alumni Shayne Jansen commented his two cents on the outcome of Lussier and Peden’s wedding. “Both Paul and Micah shouldn’t have doubts. That’s the problem,” he weighed in.

“it was manipulative & very calculated to get him to answer first,” a follower wrote.

“You need to resolve many things with you before you get married to anyone,” another follower commented. “It was difficult to believe your ‘crying’ at the end. You knew him; you knew he did not play with you at all and was consistent and transparent. He tried to see the best in you because he liked you, but your attitude [sic] during the journey was not real. Not going to talk about ‘the one who laughed when you were (supposedly) broken because she knows you better than I do, and she knew all was acting [sic]… my opinion. Sorry.”

Many other commentators criticized Lussier’s friend, Shelby, who, as we previously mentioned, did not hide her distaste for Peden.

“When I saw Shelby laughing at your pain and ‘hoping it’d go like that,’ it finally made sense why you were the way you were with the other girls during the pod episodes. You are in a toxic relationship with your so-called best friend. She brings out the worst in you, and Paul brought out the best because I’m sure I’m not the only one who felt better about you during the later episodes. She is the worst friend anyone could have. Please take PROPERLY [sic] care of yourself by dropping her out of your life, or anyone remotely similar to her and go to therapy to learn to treat yourself with kindness, unlike Shelby’s treatment of you,” another follower concluded.

Lussier and Peden will undoubtedly have much to discuss during this weekend’s live reunion! It will stream on Netflix Sunday, April 16th.

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