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‘Love Is Blind’s Paul Peden Brings The LOLs On Instagram


“Love Is Blind” season four star Paul Peden is still bringing the laughs!

Fans of the outrageously successful Netflix reality dating show discovered Peden and his fiancée Micah Lussier did not tie the knot during season four’s finale. Lussier, 27, encouraged her groom to answer first when it was time for the couple to take their vows, and Peden chose not to go through with their union.

In the wake of yesterday’s finale and tomorrow’s live reunion, season four’s cast is posting it on social media! Despite having said ‘no’ at the altar, Peden, 28, showed his followers he still hasn’t given up on love by participating in the viral “when ___ becomes illegal” TikTok and Instagram reel trend.

Paul Peden And Micah Lussier Did Not Get Married On ‘Love Is Blind’

Aside from Jackelina Bonds and Marshall Glaze, who had broken up shortly before wedding planning began, Peden and Lussier were the only couple from season four not to get married.

Lussier and Peden were unsure about their final decisions in the hours leading up to the big moment. For Peden, it was the eleventh hour before he received absolute clarity on their future.

Peden sat down with E! News to discuss his decision.

The environmental scientist admitted he wasn’t sure of his final answer until the very moment he was “saying it. Like, I didn’t know until I was saying it. It was so frustrating,” he said. “Cause I would swing wildly back and forth- I was just super confident, and I was just like, ‘Okay, I can say yes, I feel comfortable.’ And then I would swing back in the other direction. I was like, I know, this is insane, absolutely not. And then [I] would bounce back and forth. It was so frustrating,” he stressed.

“It was right, though,” Peden went on to say. “At that moment, the truth came out of my mouth, and I was just like, ‘I know that to be true, and it’s the right thing.”

As for Lussier, she is aware of the waves she made by asking her ex to make the first move. She spoke to TODAY about her decision.

“It was controversial to do something like that,” she told the publication. “But I did it that I felt like the only way I could get a true answer from Paul was for him to answer first.”

The marketing manager explained how she didn’t want Peden to be influenced by anything besides his true thoughts and feelings.

“I feared that if I said ‘yes’ first, he might say ‘yes’ as well. To be like, ‘Oh, maybe she knows something I don’t like… maybe we should do this, maybe I should take the risk. I want him to do it for him. I want him to follow his heart, and the only way he could truly do that is if he answered first,” Lussier concluded.

Peden Has Not Given Up On Falling In Love Again!

“Love Is Blind” may raise many questions for its contestants, but Peden doesn’t seem to question the possibility that he’ll eventually fall in love again!

On the eve of Netflix’s live reunion, Peden participated in a viral social media trend wherein users pretend to be arrested and face jail time if their favorite thing or biggest wish suddenly becomes illegal.

Peden teamed up with his pal Zack Goytowski– who married Bliss Poureetezadi during the finale- to bring the trend to life. The duo even enlisted the help of a police officer who pretended to cuff Peden!

The duo’s co-star Brett Brown commented, “When a cop is behind your back, call Zack!”

Kwame Appiah commented, “Y’all are too much,” with two laughing emojis! Appiah and his fianceé Chelsea Griffin ended up tying the knot as well!

“Not Zack rushing to be the lawyer!” a fan joked.

“I wanna know what Zack is saying,” another fan chimed in. “don’t worry, I’m his lawyer”; Goytowski is a criminal defense lawyer IRL!

“The way I was scrolling and thought this was an ad for ‘You,” another fan commented.

Many fans referenced a scene during the finale wherein Peden attempts to comfort Lussier after their failed ceremony, and it seems his hand comes into contact with a bridesmaid’s backside. 

“But why’d you smack the bridesmaid’s butt at the wedding?” a follower asked.

“What the… is this for grabbing the bridesmaid’s a**?? In all seriousness, though, it doesn’t look like any jokes are being had here in the reel wtf is going on please thx,” a fan asked.

The live “Love Is Blind” fourth season reunion streams tomorrow, April 16th!

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