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Mattapan Tech awarded $66,000


Mayor Michelle Wu’s administration awarded $66,000 to Mattapan Tech Summer Youth IT Job Training Program

This award is a clear testimony that Mayor Wu is committed to closing the opportunity gap between the well-connected downtown organizations and the small grassroot nonprofits ” Rev. Jacques Dady Jean,”

— Rev. Jacques Dady Jean

BOSTON, MA, USA, April 18, 2023/ — Mayor Michelle Wu’s administration has awarded $66,000 to Mattapan Tech’s summer computer training program for young people. This funding will allow Mattapan Tech to expand its “Get Paid To Learn Summer IT Job Training” program to 25 additional young people residing in Boston neighborhoods most affected by systematic racism.
Mattapan Tech is a nonprofit organization that offers industry-recognized short-term IT support certificate programs. Mattapan Tech training programs equip young men and women with the skills they need to secure entry-level positions in the IT support industry. Mattapan Tech’s program is designed in collaboration with local employers, which focuses on introducing young people to computer and network hardware technology, operating systems, cybersecurity, cloud computing, basic office software and coding.

Karrie Ann Newcomb Jean, Executive Director of Mattapan Tech, said, “This grant is a good indication that Mayor Wu is truly committed to putting Boston on the path to racial equity and economic justice.”

Julia Martinez, Chair of the Mattapan Tech Board, said: “Mayor Michelle Wu is a visionary leader, eager to restore trust in government by making economic justice and racial equity a priority on her agenda. Thank you Mayor Wu for supporting Mattapan Tech’s vision and mission to empower young people who are usually left behind.”

“For 16 years, this community training program for youth has only been supported only by private corporations, foundations and other State agencies. This first major award from the City Of Boston is a clear testament that Mayor Wu is seriously committed to bridging the opportunity gap between well-connected downtown organizations and smaller nonprofits that struggle to provide direct services to youth of color in the hood,” Reverend Jacques Dady Jean said, while addressing a group of young people of Mattapan MBK. Reverend Jean is the founder of Mattapan Tech and an advocate for economic justice and equity.

Margarette Heriveau, Vice President of Mattapan Tech, said, “ By this action, Mayor Wu brings compassion to city government, she has always believed that the government should invest more in communities that are severely impacted by systemic racism. She is now delivering her campaign promises. I am very happy for the young people who will at last benefit from a piece of the pie.”

Benieta Marton, one of Mattapan Tech’s leaders, said, “We welcome this award announcement at a time when the community needs it most. The pain is worsening in the minority community due to rising inflation, which adds to the financial and psychological damage, caused by the pandemic on our community. This expansion of training opportunities will empower our young people and set them on the path to academic and professional success.

Dr. Seema Jacob, CEO and owner of Franklin Park Family Dental and also a board member of Mattapan Tech, said, “This training program is very important because the skills learned are transferable between industries. It’s exciting that our Mayor, Michelle Wu, is allowing us to add another 25 participants to our program this year. Having the City of Boston to our list of partners is a huge accomplishment and we congratulate Mayor Michelle Wu on it! “

The Mattapan Tech Summer Youth Program is also co-sponsored by the Cummings Foundation, Mass Housing, State Street Foundation and the Commonwealth of Mass. Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development.

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