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Matthew McConaughey And Woody Harrelson Might Be Brothers


Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey recently opened up about the possibility of being related to Woody Harrelson.

The “A Time To Kill” star revealed that his mother “knew” Harrelson’s father when he was a child and joked that there might be a catch.

Read on for more details.

Matthew McConaughey Says Woody Harrelson Might Be His Brother

Matthew McConaughey at Illumination and Universal Pictures Presents The Premiere of Illumination's: Sing 2

During a recent appearance on Kelly Ripa’s “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast, the “Magic Mike” actor, 53, claimed he might be related to the 61-year-old Harrelson.

The pair, who previously worked together on HBO’s crime anthology “True Detective,” is set to collaborate on the Apple TV+ series “Brother From Another Mother,” but McConaughey speculates that they might be brothers from the same mother.

The actor’s suspicion was given more steam due to his mom’s revelation that she was familiar with Harrelson’s father.

McConaughey told the host, “You know, where I start and where he ends, and where he starts and where I end, has always been like a murky line. And that’s part of our bromance, right?”

He went on to say that there is confusion in their families because family members frequently mistake their identities for one another.

“My kids call him Uncle Woody. His kids call me Uncle Matthew. And you see pictures of us, and my family thinks a lot of pictures of him are me. His family thinks a lot of pictures of me are him,” he said, per Insider.

Matthew McConaughey’s Mother ‘Knew’ Woody Harrelson’s Father

Woody Harrelson

The “Sing” actor’s suspicions about their blood ties were heightened by a cryptic message his mother shared about “knowing” the “Now You See Me” actor’s father when he was a young boy.

“In Greece a few years ago, we’re sitting around talking about how close we are and our families. And my mom is there, and she says, ‘Woody, I knew your dad,’” McConaughey recounted.

“Everyone was aware of the ellipses that my mom left after ‘knew.’ It was a loaded K-N-E-W,” he added, referencing his suspicion of a sexual encounter between them.

“We went on to unpack what this ‘knew’ meant and did some math and found out that his dad was on furlough at the same time that my mom and dad were in their second divorce. Then there’s possible receipts and places out in West Texas where there might have been a gathering, a meeting, or a ‘knew’ moment,” McConaughey quipped.

Matthew McConaughey Doesn’t Want To Prove His Suspicions

Matthew McConaughey arrives at Stephen Colbert Show in New York.

McConaughey implied that he’d rather remain in the dark about the validity of his suspicion than confirm it with a DNA test with Harrelson because it would change everything for him.

The actor said on the podcast, “This is what we’re on the precipice of now. Look, it’s a little easier for Woody to say, ‘Come on, let’s do it!’ because what’s the skin in it for him?”

He continued, “It’s a little harder for me because he’s asking me to take a chance to go, ‘Wait a minute, you’re trying to tell me my dad may not be my dad after 53 years of believing that?’ I got a little more skin in the game.”

He Opened Up About His Flight Scare

Matthew McConaughey and wife, Camila Alves

The actor was in transit to Germany with his wife, Camila Alves, when his Lufthansa flight dropped 4000 feet in the sky. The said flight hit turbulence and had to make an emergency landing in Washington, DC, but the scariest part of the event was that McConaughey wasn’t strapped in.

“My tray table is what held me down. I did not have my seatbelt on, and there was not a seatbelt warning right before it happened. I just immediately reached over, made sure Camila had her seatbelt on,” he recalled.

The actor’s wife shared video footage of the incident to her Instagram page, and McConaughey noted that they held hands in anticipation of more turbulence.

“We held hands just saying, ‘OK, is that it? Is there another one coming?’ Another one did come. It was odd. You hear people’s reactions. Some people were ghost silent. Some people had big bursts of laughter. And it was not like, ‘Oh, this is fun.’ It was like, ‘I’m in shock,’” he explained.

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