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Megan Hathaway’s Wild Ride on ‘Days of Our Lives’ – Blast from the Past [VIDEO]


Megan Hathaway is a blast from Days of our Lives past — but how much do you remember about this DiMera daughter. In our latest video, we dig into her messy past, her “death” and why she’s back to the NBC Peacock soap opera.

This is a transcript of our Days video all about Megan Hathaway and Kirsten DiMera’s antics on the Peacock soap! Check out all our soap spoilers podcasts here and be sure to follow us on YouTube as well. The video is below as well.

Who is Megan Hathaway on Days of our Lives?

Hey, Soap Opera fans. This is, and we have a DOOL update for you. There’s a lot of attention right now about Megan Hathaway. But if you are a newer watcher or you just don’t remember her, you might be just like, why is she doing this?

What is this about? So, we are gonna take a look today at who is Megan Hathaway? Now, the first thing to know is that her name is actually Megan Hathaway DiMera.

She started on Days of our Lives back in the 1980s. So if you’re a newer watcher, you may have no idea. I was watching in the eighties and I don’t remember her.

The first memory in my DOOL mental Rolodex is Patch and Kayla and Bo and Hope Brady — like most people. And Megan is just kind of, I don’t know… I knew she was there, but I didn’t think about her a lot until she came back.

Who Plays Megan on DOOL – Miranda Wilson

It was 1984 when Miranda Wilson originated the role of Megan Hathaway and she stayed in it for a year before her “death”. But then all of a sudden, as happens in Salem, she is back from the dead.

She was in Beyond Salem: Chapter Two, as the person who was brainwashing and controlling Harris Michaels. He’s another character they resurrected from the eighties, played by Steve Burton then and now.

Now, Megan’s over on what Ron Carlivati calls “the mothership”.  That’s the main Days of our Lives soap that streams on Peacock weekdays.

So Megan had been adopted by a guy named Maxwell Hathaway, and they came together to Salem. But she’s actually Stefano DiMerra’s daughter.

And she was also Bo Brady‘s high school sweetie. You may have picked up on that because she was very clear in the recent lab scenes where she’s had Bo. She had him frozen.

Days of our Lives: Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) - Megan Hathaway (Miranda Wilson)
Bo & Megan | Peacock

Villainess Saved Bo Brady from Certain Death on DOOL

So, really people in Salem should be saying thank you, because if not for her, Bo would be really dead. But that DiMera Mad Science has now brought him back. But she has a thing for Bo Brady.

And of course, Bo has a thing for his Fancy Face — Hope Williams Brady. But he and Megan dated in high school. But it didn’t work out because of her mom’s interference, and she has been pretty much obsessed with him on Days of our Lives.

Back then, she said that she was pregnant and gave up their child for adoption. And then she was part of the subplot of the three prisms. You may have remembered that came up.

That was on Beyond Salem — the prisms — most recently but was on the main soap decades ago. Because they were supposed to cure everything and Stefano DiMera had a brain tumor.

You might remember Stefano was shot and supposedly killed. And then his last scene, we talked about it recently, Stefano’s last scene was in a jail cell. That episode came out just a few months before Joseph Mascolo left.

And then he escaped from prison. Later, they just mentioned offscreen that he had died of a brain tumor. But Dr. Rolf, of course has some embryos that might be siblings of Megan’s if he finds somebody to put them in.

Megan Hathaway “Died” on Days of our Lives Decades Ago

On Days of our Lives, Bo and Megan went looking for their child she said she gave up. But she was lying because she’s a lying liar who lies. She planned to steal a baby and then pass that off as her and Bo’s kid.

But Bo figured it out and then tricked her and manipulated her, and it was just a messy mess. And of course, Bo adores Hope Brady. And Megan wants her dead as a result. She tried to electrocute Hope in a hot tub.

but then she was having it rewired and she overheard Larry Welch talking about the three prisms. And so she decided to go confront him. But she had this other plot in hand where she was messing around with the hot tub.

And of course, as happens, when you are a villain struggling with someone else, you fall into the hot tub and you’re electrocuted. Larry actually killed her and then dumped her in, but it was a whole thing.

The bottom line was she ended up electrocuting herself in the hot tub. And that put Hope in the spotlight as her possible killer since they were seen as rivals. And everybody knew that Megan was threatened by Bo’s relationship with Hope.

Return of Stefano’s Daughter in Beyond Salem Chapter 2

Then, in July of 2022 on Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem, we find out Stefano froze his dead daughter, Megan Hathaway DiMera. He kept her as the DiMeras do. They’re engaged in mad science… Until her dad could find a way to resurrect her.

And in the end, he finally did resurrect her. And this is what brings us to her drama on Beyond Salem Part 2. That’s where we saw she programmed Harris Michaels, who was a decorated Navy officer. She also kidnapped Patch and John Black.

And she was still at this point chasing the prisms. And she thought that they could cure things and that she could bring her dad back to life. That implies that he’s frozen somewhere.

Which, of course, we haven’t seen him frozen because the actor is dead. But you’ll remember Dr. Rolf put Stefano’s consciousness in Steve Johnson for a while. And Patch ran around acting like Stefano.

And you know, Days of our Lives is so weird with this stuff. It’s so funny and so very rare that people who are dead stay dead. It’s kind of The Walking Dead around Salem, right?

Megan Brainwashed Harris, Steve & John on Days our Lives Spinoff

So at one point, Megan brainwashed Steve and John Black. And they were chasing the prisms for her. And then we expected to see her use the prisms to bring her dad back from the dead.

That’s because they hinted around about her wanting to bring someone back from the dead. But they were saving who for a big reveal at the end of Beyond Salem too.

And they finally showed the vertical cryogenic tube in the secret DiMera lab. We saw it was Bo Brady with a bandage around his head because of course, he died of an aneurysm in the park years ago.

And Days of our Lives fans were thrilled. So, the good with the bad. Megan Hathaway is a villain and she is yet another child of Stefano. But on the plus side, at least Megan saved Bo’s life by sticking him in a freezer for more than a decade.

Megan Hathaway in Prison But for How Long on Days of our Lives?

Now we’ve got Bo back thanks to Megan. And of course, Bo and Hope are gonna have their reunion. The bad news is they’ve only got a few episodes left and then they are exiting town.

But we are gonna get more Megan. And we might have Megan all the way through May sweeps, which kicks off on April 28th, 2023. We’ll have to see. She cut a deal with the ISA where if she would tell them who kidnapped Kayla, she’d be shipped back to Salem.

That puts her in Statesville for a time while she’s awaiting trial on all these various charges. And also in Statesville is her adoptive sister, Kristen DiMera. And we know they’re gonna have big scenes coming up on Days of our Lives.

It looks like the two ladies are going to plot a prison break. You have a lot to look forward to because Megan hasn’t given up on the idea of Beau, and she is not just gonna simply stay put in Statesville.

My personal guess is that she asked to go there because Beau could eventually come back to Salem. She might have also asked to go to Statesville so that she could be around her sister Kristen to conspire.

And she knows that breaking out of Statesville prison will be a heck of a lot easier than breaking out of an ISA black site, right? There’s more Megan Hathaway ahead – and now you know about her sketchy past!

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