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Meghan McCain Slams Meghan Markle For Being A Wimp


Somebody call a paramedic for Meghan Markle! The Duchess of Sussex got burned by Meghan McCain over her decision to skip King Charles’ coronation.

It is no secret that Prince Harry and his wife are on Britain’s blocklist following their controversial statements about the royal family. While the Duke has taken a step towards reconciliation, the former actress remains stagnant, or is she afraid to face the music?

The daughter of late politician John McCain recently labeled Markle a coward for refusing to attend her father-in-law’s crowning ceremony. Showing no remorse, the columnist unleashed a wave of harsh words, calling out the couple for being a thorn in America’s side.

Clash Of The Meghans! Meghan McCain Slams Meghan Markle For Being A Wimp

Meghan McCain

In her latest Daily Mail article, the blonde writer took readers down a rough ride, dropping several lightning bolts that would fry the Sussexes for years. The Arizona native did not hold back as she expressed her distaste for the Duchess’s shenanigans.

After months of uncertainty and allegedly missing the deadline to RSVP, Buckingham Palace announced Prince Harry’s participation in his father’s upcoming coronation. However, the ginger-haired royal would attend the event without his significant other.

The “SUITS” star’s decision to skip the highly-anticipated ceremony did not sit right with McCain. The Republican described the situation as that of a “whiny distant cousin” who constantly bashed the wedding preparations yet refused to attend the big day.

“After Meghan-I’m-Still-Royalty-Markle has repeatedly trashed the Royal Family, what an insult to King Charles, Prince William – and the entire population of Great Britain,” the 38-year-old declared, adding that she did not buy the Los Angeles native’s excuse for avoiding the event.

Omid Scobie, the couple’s “unofficial mouthpiece,” tweeted that the Sussexes had decided to send Harry alone so his wife could celebrate their son’s fourth birthday and Prince Archie’s big day landed on May 6, the same date as his grandfather’s coronation.

Describing the use of their son as a “gallant effort at public-relations spin,” the Columbia University alum claimed nobody would believe the camera-obsessed Duchess traded the crowning ceremony to be a good mother. The blonde columnist wrote:

“No one in their right mind believes Hollywood Meghan Markle is passing up a chance to peacock in front of the world to blow up balloons and serve cake in the backyard. They couldn’t celebrate in the U.K.? Pssst… a preschooler has no idea what country he’s in.”

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Instead, the former “Outnumbered” co-host argued that Meghan was a coward who could not face the aftermath of her criticisms against the royal family. “I believe brave Meghan is chickening out. It seems to me that she is unwilling to face the music with her in-laws and the British public,” the media personality surmised. 

“No matter how tone-deaf she is (and she’s pretty tone-deaf), she must be aware of how deeply unpopular she is in her husband’s home country,” McCain continued. “She would likely be booed the second the private jet’s wheels touch down.”

The “McCain Blogette” blogger insisted that the Sussexes’ interest in reconciliation was bogus. If the couple wanted to heal the “gaping wounds they’ve opened,” they would both have accepted the King’s invitation. 

According to the writer, Markle’s absence was a blessing to the other royals. However, it meant Americans were stuck with the former actress. Concluding her post with a salty farewell, the Arizona native chimed:

“Meghan and the Prince of Mope have made their beds – and now they must lie in them. Their decision will hang over Harry’s trip – and it will give Americans even more reason to be disgusted by them both. No one likes an ingrate.”

Prince Harry Will Not Participate In The Activities Scheduled For His Father’s Coronation

Following Buckingham Palace’s confirmation of the army veteran’s attendance at his father’s upcoming coronation, The Blast revealed that Prince Harry would not fully participate in the highly-anticipated event.

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The crowning ceremony will have various activities scheduled to hold for three days, including the coronation, a concert at Windsor Castle, and a volunteer event. However, the Duke of Sussex would only attend King Charles’s ascension.

According to a pal of the Duke of Sussex, the father-of-two wishes to “support his father at this important moment in his life.” Despite this claim, the 38-year-old seems uninterested in spending time with his family.

The Archewell Inc. co-founder might not wish to extend his stay in the UK while his wife is alone in California, catering to their two children, or perhaps the royal still has a grudge after losing his home.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the Sussexes’ invitation to King Charles’s coronation came at the heels of their eviction from their UK residence, Frogmore Cottage. The couple was allegedly kicked out of their home following the controversial statements made in Harry’s memoir, “Spare.”

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