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Meghan Trainor’s Book ‘Dear Future Mama’ Set for Release


Meghan Trainor is excited to share all her TMI pregnancy and childbirth details with everyone in her new book that’ssoon to be released. “Dear Future Mama: A TMI Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood” details tons of relatable content from conception to motherhood.

Meghan Trainor’s First Book Will Soon Be Released

Meghan Trainor
Meghan Trainor – Instagram

In a carousel of photos on Instagram, the “All About That Bass” singer she shared moments from her pregnancy and childbirth with her first child, Riley, 2. Currently expecting her second child with husband Daryl Sabara, Trainor recently shared some information about the book set to be released on April 25.

“My book Dear Future Mama comes out APRIL 25th! It’s all about my first pregnancy with Riley,” she wrote in the caption. She continued the caption by saying the book features her trainer, dietician, OB/GYN, and husband. She also thanked her co-writer “for putting my word vomit into beautiful sentences.”

She concluded her caption, “It’s very TMI and hopefully makes all pregnant warriors out there feel a little less alone.”

Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara
Meghan Trainor – Instagram

Many of Trainor’s Instagram followers dropped into the post’s comment section to explain how excited they were for the book to come out.

One follower said, “You know I’m all about that, babe.” Another person wrote, “Can’t wait to read it even though I’m done having kids, and mine are 8 and 10!”

Many could relate to one photo featured in the carousel – Trainor’s swollen feet during pregnancy.

“Awe, the Feet. It happened to me in the last two weeks of my pregnancy. I was so unprepared to look down and see something like that. 😂 Glad this book will help so many mamas out there! Congrats, friend 😘,” one person shared.

Another added, “Girl, I felt that picture of your feet. I swore my feet were going to pop. They were so swollen.”

Meghan Trainor Recently Shared Details About Her C-Section And What’s Followed

Meghan Trainor and Riley
Meghan Trainor – Instagram

During a recent interview with The Skimm, the “Made You Look” singer opened up about Riley’s birth and how she began to love herself again.

“I made life. I gave birth. I had a c-section,” she said. “And I’ve always struggled on loving myself and my body, and there’s a lot of new scars coming in, so I had to look at myself and start to love myself all over again from scratch.”

She continued explaining that she had never had stitches or a broken bone. “I’ve never had a scar before,” she said. “So, when my husband removed the tape, I almost fainted. Like, I’ve already been through the surgery and survived. Him ripping off this little Band-Aid, I was like, ‘Ahh!’”

Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara
Daryl Sabara – Instagram

Being a supportive husband, Sabara helped his wife see that her scar was a beautiful reminder of where Riley entered the world.

“I mean, I didn’t want to be naked before my husband. And he looks at my c-section scar-like, ‘This is where my baby came out; this is the most beautiful scar I’ve ever seen in my life,’” she shared. “And I’m like, ‘I want to look at it like you do. How’d you figure that – you know?’”

One follower shared how hearing Sabara talk about Trainor’s c-section scar made her feel. “I started crying when she talked about how her husband views her scar. That was beautiful, and you are beautiful, Meghan ❤️ love you and your growing family.”

Another person wrote, “Thanks for being so relatable and vulnerable!!”

“Dear Future Mama” is already listed on Amazon as the “#1 New Release.” The book will be available in hardcover, eBook, and audiobook with Trainor narrating.

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