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MSPAA Announces Participation with BH Tech Connection, Boosting IT Support Offerings for Small Businesses


We provide managed IT services and IT support options to individuals and businesses with 10 computers or fewer. We serve freelancers, solopreneurs, and established and starting small businesses.

Now called MSP’s, these IT service providers have helped pave the way for companies to focus on their core operations while leaving the critical technology features to outsourced professionals

According to Mordor Research, the managed services market will grow to $274 billion by 2026, up from $152 billion in 2020.

Starting a small business can be exciting and overwhelming. Our team is designed to help you make the right IT decisions!

Our clients are often ignored by other IT MSPs because they are too small and not cost-efficient for them.”

— BH Tech Connection Founder and Principal Brady Helkenn

UNITED STATES, April 18, 2023/ — The Managed Service Provider Association of America (MSPAA) is thrilled to announce that California-based MSP BH Tech Connection has joined its national database of over 350 verified providers. BH Tech Connection provides IT support and managed services for freelancers, solopreneurs, and small businesses of 10 employees or fewer — a demographic that is often overlooked by traditional MSPs. Its participation in MSPAA marks an exciting moment in the association’s growth.

“Businesses, no matter their size, have the obligation to keep their, their clients, and their customer’s data secure. We’re thrilled to welcome BH Tech Connection to our database of verified providers because of the unique role it serves in the market,” says MSPAA Founder Dave Jooste, and CEO of Cyber Tech Connection.

BH Tech Connection has successfully positioned itself as a leader in the IT industry by focusing its offerings on individuals and small businesses with fewer than 10 people on staff. “A common challenge facing small businesses is a lack of access to proper IT protection and support,” says BH Tech Connection Founder and Principal Brady Helkenn. “Most IT companies require a minimum number of computers before they will help, leaving many individuals and business owners without support and their tech at risk.” Helkenn founded BH Tech Connection in 2010 to address this gap in the market.

“Our clients are often ignored by other IT MSPs because they are too small and not cost-efficient for them. We serve them because — even though they are turned away and have few options for proactive protection — they still need that protection just as much as larger businesses do. There are millions of individuals and small businesses across the country who match this demographic. That’s who we strive to help,” continues Helkenn.

BH Tech Connection’s participation in the Managed Service Provider Association of America helps the association offer broader support across the market. With a mission to empower MSPs to succeed in the marketplace and provide clients with access to a national database of verified providers, the MSPAA has amassed a database of over 350 MSPs in its first three months. This rapid growth supports MSPs and enterprises alike by offering a quick and accessible search that matches companies to vetted, local IT vendors.

Now by welcoming BH Tech Connection as a member of the association, MSPAA can help ensure businesses of every size — even individuals — have the support to protect their networks and data and focus on their own growth and success.

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